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4 Practical Tips For Reducing Stress During The Holidays

The holidays are the time of year when families and friends are supposed to come together and rejoice in the season. It’s a time when lights are glittering, and carolers bring joy through song. However, for many the holidays are a source of stress. Trying to juggle responsibilities like work and relationships while also trying to do last minute shopping, attend parties, and decorate can put people into overload and cause a lot of stress. 

It is important to take the holidays back by finding ways to not stress about them so you can actually enjoy what they are all about. To get it right takes planning, prioritizing, maintaining personal wellness, and embracing the core essence of the holiday season. In this article, we will go over several practical tips to help you enjoy the holidays like you did when you were a kid. 

1 - Start by outsourcing

The first step in being able to enjoy the holidays is to admit to yourself that one person cannot do everything alone. It takes a team to be able to get through the obligations that come with the season. 

This is where the concept of hiring help for the holiday season comes into play.

Delegating tasks can be a game changer. Instead of juggling multiple responsibilities, you can hire professionals to take care of tasks such as shopping, gift wrapping, cleaning, cooking, and even paying for professional Christmas light installation

When you have people doing these tasks for you, it frees up your time to handle your social obligations and spend time doing the things you enjoy. This is what the season is about, after all.

2 - Prioritize and plan

Holiday stress often comes from feeling overwhelmed with the number of tasks to complete and the lack of time to get them done. If you prioritize these tasks and plan them out, then this can make it feel a lot less stressful. 

The first step is to list down everything that you need to do during the holiday season. This includes shopping for gifts, preparing meals, decorating the house, sending cards, and attending events.

Once you have a list you need to prioritize the order that the items should be done. Create categories for each task and then label them according to their urgency. 

Once you've prioritized your tasks, it's time to slot them into your schedule. Break down larger tasks into manageable chunks and distribute them across your available time. Do not anything until the last minute, which can cause panic and stress.

3 - Focus on what matters

The holiday season is about more than just the perfect meal or the most beautiful decorations. It's about spending quality time with loved ones, creating warm memories, and celebrating the year that's passed. 

When you start to feel burned out from standing in long lines at the mall, or attending a work holiday party after a long day, then it is time to take a step back. Make it a point to do something with your family or friends that brings joy like having a meal together, or even just going for a sled ride through the snow. 

Taking this step back will give you some breathing room and remind you that the season is not about stress but about the joy that comes from making time for your loved ones. 

Rather than spending your time in lines, go work at a soup kitchen for a day to give back to those in need. This will help you put everything into perspective and recharge your batteries by helping you feel thankful for what you have. 

4 - Take care of yourself

Balancing personal wellness with festive obligations might seem challenging, but it's key to enjoying the holiday season to the fullest. The holiday season can be a rollercoaster of emotions. Recognize and acknowledge your feelings. It's okay not to feel joyful all the time. 

When you start feeling like you are going through the motions, it’s time to schedule some time to do something for yourself. It sounds more difficult than it really is. For instance, if you are buying some skin care products as a gift, get them at a day spa and treat yourself to a 30 minute massage while there. 

It's okay to prioritize your wellness over trying to meet everyone else's holiday expectations. Remember, it's the experiences and memories that matter, not making sure to get the perfect gift for everybody on your list.

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