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Writing Travel Articles: Tips and Examples

If people who work for a custom writing service are asked what travel writing is all about, they will say it is about taking a reader on a journey. A good travel article will inspire readers to explore new places and experiences, so they can open their eyes to new cultures. 

For those who don’t know how to write a travel article, it can be very tricky to know where to begin. According to professional paper writing services, writing about a place means talking about things like food, music, people, landmarks, and more. Below is a look at useful tips one can use to produce a top-quality travel article. 

1. It is important to have a storyline 

When university or college students are writing a travel article, they need to make sure that their story has a series of events that will interest the readers. Climbing Mount Everest, for example, that’s an interesting story to tell, but one can add more spice to it by adding events in between. 

These events can be things like experiencing bad weather, losing bearing, things like the hired coach to get to the mountain running late, and more. Writers need to make sure that readers are engaged and need to pick events that will tell their story properly. 

2. Writers need to ensure that their content has an end goal 

There are some trips that people talk about in their articles that have what is known as a physical objective. These physical objects can be things like reaching the Grand Canyon or crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. When readers are given a goal, there’s a very high chance they will read the article from start to finish. Some trips might not have an end goal, but they are about discovery and meeting new people. Overall, an end goal needs to be created so that readers are heavily invested in the content. 

3. Edit the article to match the story 

When writing a travel article, it will have drama, suspense, well-written characters, good pacing, a nice plot twist, and dialogue. These are all designed to grab the reader's attention and when the storyline is established, writers need to gather the right experiences and fit everything in while getting rid of the rest. The majority of travel articles are around one to two thousand words long, meaning a writer will produce between 20-30 paragraphs on their papers. 

4. A good first paragraph is super important 

Professional writing services say that travel articles can be started in many forms it is all about the writer, however, the introduction needs to grab the reader’s attention. If the introduction is badly written, it can put off readers from finishing the content. To successfully write a good introduction, writers need to put themselves in the reader’s shoes and ask themselves if they were the reader, what sort of introduction would they be glued to.

5. Dialogue needs to be included in the article

“Hey look, the lion is stalking its prey” whispered Chisomo. Another example of dialogue can be “We could see the lions from a distance hunting their prey”. These are the sort of sentences that a paper writing service writer needs to put in their article because they bring scenarios to life. 

Dialogue also gives personality to the people in the story and helps sell what is happening. When one is traveling, they need to make sure that they pay attention to everything people around them are saying. The more authentic and accurate the dialogue the more credible an article will be which ultimately gets readers engaged.

6. A writer needs to know the difference between “tell” and “show” 

Plenty of expert writers always say that there is a difference between telling and showing. These are two very different ways of getting a story across, and many people don't realize that. When a writer slows down their story and explains scenes in detail, this is known as a show. 

This can be what the writer felt at that moment, what they tasted, what they heard, or what they saw. The art of telling is where the writer pushes the narrative forward. To ensure an article is of high quality, a writer needs to switch between the two.

7. A writer needs to produce an entertaining article

Expert college paper writing service writers say that people who don't have a lot of experience writing this sort of article often think using complicated phrases or big words is the way to go. This is not the way to go and not the tone this type of article should be about. Writers should seek to entertain readers because no one wants to be bored reading a piece.

8. Proper language needs to be used to talk about the surroundings

The environment one is in can help tell the story they are trying to convey to readers. Words such as diverse, incredible, bustling, and stunning need to be used a lot. These words can be applied to a variety of destinations across the world to paint a clear picture to the readers. Using as many of these words as possible is highly advised according to professional writing services.

9. Signposts need to be left in the article

Each paragraph needs to let readers know the next direction the article is heading. Readers need to be reminded of the article’s goal, for example, a writer could write something like “The day after we traveled from London to Manchester”. The reader here will see where the article is going next, and they'll have every reason to stick around.

10. Provide a good conclusion

Many writers always try to go for the big finale, which can often leave readers dazed and confused. It is advised to slow down and start putting the conclusion pieces together first by leading them slowly to the finish line. Show them that the story is coming to an end, rather than just hit them with the ending.

Final thoughts

Traveling is a wonderful hobby for those that have the money to see different parts of the world. For those who cannot afford to visit some of the world’s most luxurious locations, reading about other people’s experiences can be just as exciting. The tips above will help any aspiring writer produce an impressive travel article about their adventures and let readers see things through their lens using words. Even writers, who have been writing travel articles for many years, can suffer from writer’s block and find it hard to express some of their ideas. This is where essay writers come in who will help bring those ideas to life.

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