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Simple Tips on How to Structure a Handwritten Thank You Letter

Ever since I was a kid, it was instilled in me to send out thank you notes or letters if someone was generous enough to either give me a gift or to show appreciation for something they did for me. I know that we live in the Internet age where a simple text or email saying thank you can be sent, but it seems so impersonal. I always feel so appreciated when I receive a handwritten thank you note or card. The time that a person takes to write a personal message, no matter how short, means so much in the busy world we all live in.

If you are a small business owner, it's definitely important to send out thank you letters to your customers. After all, if they didn’t buy your products or services, you would not be in business. You really can’t afford not to!  As a customer, it's really neat receiving a handwritten note from someone's business I supported. It shows me how important I am to them as a customer, and oftentimes means that I will purchase from them again in the future.

Tips for writing a thank you letter: 

  • Always address the person by their first name.  
  • Be very specific why you are thanking them. If they gave you a gift, mention that specific gift, and possibly how you will use it or if you enjoyed it. 
  • If you had a party or event, be sure to thank them for taking the time to attend and how much it meant to you having them there. 
  • If someone made a purchase from you, tell them how much you hope they will enjoy that item, and maybe write a short tip that can help use the product if it applies. 
  • If you need to write a lot of letters, it helps to type it up and check for grammar errors so that you have a handwritten thank you letter format to go back to time and time again. 
  • You can’t ever say thank you enough, so don’t be afraid to end with “thanks again, you're the best!”

If you are short on time and can’t hand write dozens of letters, you can always use an online service like Handwrytten that can do the writing for you. The recipient will still feel special, and most likely won’t even know that you didn’t take the pen to paper yourself. Of course the message will be provided by you to keep things personalized. 

There are countless reasons you would need to send out thank you cards from birthday parties, graduations, weddings, holidays and more. Let’s not make this small, yet important gesture a lost art. Do you send out personal thank you letters or cards?



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