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5 Ways To Stay Motivated and Focused During Your Workout

Workouts can improve your health, provide entertainment and boost your mood. However, repetition is common in most exercise routines, so it can be difficult to stay focused. Additionally, life's distractions can slow down your pace and eventually discourage you. Follow these tips to maintain or increase your motivation. 

1. Establish a Plan

As with several activities, a solid workout plan ensures you have a structure to follow and complete. For instance, if you plan on doing a full gym routine, note the machines you will use, the target body parts, the weights and the rest periods. Even if you are doing something as simple as running some laps, you might have to plan elements such as the duration, the lap quantity or your own speed. If you are having difficulty crafting a plan, work with a personal trainer.

2. Bring an Inspiring Playlist

Music can be a great source of concentration and motivation. Energetic music can lift your spirits and inspire you to go through exercise with minimal delays. Create a specialized playlist before your start, since changing music during the workout can do the opposite and distract you. Try to select something with a beat and inspiring lyrics, from hardcore rap and heavy metal to something more upbeat such as the music of Dan Avidan. Complement the earbuds with a hat to also keep your sight focused. 

3. Exercise With a Partner

One fun way you can keep yourself accountable is by completing your routine with a partner. Self-discipline can be difficult, so having someone physically there can help you stay on task. Socializing with a friend, relative or significant other can also motivate you by itself. The only way this technique can work is if you bring in someone trustworthy who is just as passionate about fitness or even more so. If your partner does not take the task seriously, you could be influenced into abandoning the project. 

4. Eat Before and After the Routine

Hunger and thirst could be factors that can drain your energy during your routine. Fuel yourself by eating food rich in carbohydrates before you exercise. Try to have a light meal or a snack between one to three hours before, as eating too much or working out too soon can leave you feeling sluggish. Ideal options include low-fat milk, whole-grain cereal and fruits. Try to eat something with carbohydrates and protein after exercise as well to help your muscles recover and reward yourself for your hard work.

5. Change Your Plan

Though a structure can help you focus during the workout, it also runs the risk of growing monotonous and discouraging. Avoid this feeling by switching up your plan after the first few days. Target different body parts so your body does not get used to the gym sessions. Change the location of a run or go in a different direction. Even minor changes encourage your mind to pay attention and acclimate to new situations.

The physical and mental exhaustion that results from exercise can make it difficult to maintain the effort and enjoy the positives. Use different techniques and resources to raise your stamina and motivation.

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