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How To Experience VIVA: The Fastest, Freshest Chicken in Greenville!

VIVA Chicken joined the Greenville scene last August and has since received dazzling reviews for its lively environment, fun and friendly staff, and crave-worthy charcoal-fired chicken. With over a hundred people sharing their testimonials of how VIVA Chicken has increased the flavor game in Greenville through the hottest, freshest chicken around, VIVA wants to teach you How To VIVA!

Download The App

VIVA Chicken offers a VIVA App to access their loyalty program, VIVA Points. Earning points via VIVA Points allows users to receive free VIVA and be the first to know about special marketing promotions. Joining the app will earn you a special 10% off during your second visit in addition to easy ordering to pick up from your favorite location either in-store or curbside. Curbside pickup is as easy as selecting “I’m here” within the app and receiving delicious food at your convenience! 

Order What VIVA Insiders Love

VIVA Insiders love VIVA and we don’t blame them! The top menu items VIVA Insiders love are: 
  • VIVA’s staple: Pollo a la Brasa (Peruvian rotisserie chicken) which is imported from Peru, marinated in Chef Bruno's family recipe, and cooked in charcoal-fired ovens which gives the chicken a special and unique flavor. 
  • Tacu Bowl - Dynamic and delicious flavors join together in this bowl with cilantro rice, pulled rotisserie chicken, canary beans, salsa Criolla (lime-marinated onions and tomatoes), avocado and topped green onions.
  • Arroz Chaufa - Peruvian cuisine has a lot of Chinese influence, starting with Arroz Chaufa! This dish is Peruvian fried rice that includes veggies sauteed in soy sauce and ginger. 
Bring the Whole Family 

On Thursdays, it’s all about the family on Chef Bruno’s Big Chicken Day, where you can feed the whole fam for $19.95! Forget the stress of cooking tonight, VIVA Chicken provides an option that is fast, fresh, and a great deal for the family to enjoy. This meal includes a whole chicken and 3 large sides with quick and easy pick up to suit the needs of your busy lifestyle.

Get Lost in the Sauce 

VIVA has got the sauce, all of which are inspired by the best flavors of Peru. Each sauce served at VIVA Chicken has a unique flavor and adds value to any meal. VIVA’s sauces are made in-house daily and have gained quite the fanbase for their delicious taste, so it’s up to you to discover your favorite! They’re all delicious, ranging from:
  • Aji Amarillo — Mild, yellow, and made with garlic aji pepper
  • Huacatay — Medium, green, and made with cilantro, jalapeno, and black Peruvian mint
  • Rocoto — Red, hot, fiery, smoky, and made with rocoto pepper
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