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What to Expect In a Rehab Facility

Are you set to go into a rehab Alabama facility but are not sure what to expect? Understandably, it can be pretty nerve-wracking and overwhelming, especially because it will take you completely outside of your comfort zone. 

As a first-timer, it’s good to at least have an idea of what awaits once you enter the facility. While you will be away from your family and close friends, you will be surrounded by professionals who know what they’re doing, and so are in a much better position to help you. 

That said, here are some things you can expect once you enter a rehab facility. 

Evaluation and Assessments

The first thing that you will do upon entering a rehab facility is to undergo an evaluation. This is a crucial part of the program because this is where the doctor will base their treatment plan for you. Expect to be asked personal questions, which, while it may seem probing, are actually necessary for them to know more about your condition. 

The more they know, the better they can create a custom strategy to help you get back on the track to sobriety. Family medical history, personal medical history, eating habits, or even employment and financial situation can be asked during the evaluation. Based on this information your doctor should then be able to give you a well-thought-out treatment plan. 

Meanwhile, the assessments occur throughout the program, to check up on you. These regular assessments are important so that they can verify your progress in the program. Some facilities even offer a reward for good progress, such as an unsupervised trip outside the facility, even though with certain limitations.


Depending on what kind of rehab facility you go into, you can expect dorm-type rooms or single private bedrooms. There will also be facilities wherein they can do their workshops, group therapies, and other activities. 

It would be ideal to have an area outdoors where people can unwind and hang out after their scheduled programs. There may also be workshops or studios that cater to their more creative endeavors. 

However, it must be remembered that these are only supplementary in role to the treatment plan. Even with the most complete facilities, if the patient is not ready and willing to participate in the program, it’s not going to be as successful. 

Controlled Medication

In certain cases, it becomes necessary for the patient to be prescribed medication. In drug rehab, this is going to be strictly controlled to ensure that they don’t trigger yet another substance to be addicted to. 

Usually, medication prescribed is for those who are suffering from depression and anxiety. Especially for those who are having an extra tough time with withdrawal, it becomes absolutely important to ensure that the patient stays in a good state of mind so that they can completely recover. 

Upon showing good progress, it’s also possible for the dosages to be reduced. This can only be done after another thorough observation is made by the doctor, and the patient is declared as being well enough to start weaning off the medication. 

After-Treatment Program

With a rehab facility, the program does not usually end even beyond its walls. The lessons learned inside will now be put to the test in the real world. Having a support system even when the program is already important is very crucial for recovering substance abusers. 

It’s important for them to realize that problems being confronted outside can be resolved using the techniques they’ve learned from their time in the facility. Moreover, they can still have access to important resources through the after-treatment program, such as their very own support group who will go with them through the process of recovery.

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