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Get Bella Luna Blue One Day Only 8/22 #myadagio

This month on the 22nd we are expected to have a blue moon. This means that Adagio Teas will have their rare blend, Bella Luna Blue, for sale. They only sell it on blue moon days, so you will need to sign up for a notification to get yours. 

You are probably wondering what Bella Luna Blue tea is. It is a loose leaf tea blended with Butterfly Pea Flower, lemon grass and natural blueberry flavor. If you are familiar with Butterfly Pea Flower Tea, then you know it brews up in the most brilliant blue color. It has been used as a natural dye for centuries! Once blended with lemon grass and blueberry flavor, you end up with happiness in a cup (or glass). This full leaf tea is truly something special, and can be enjoyed either hot or iced. 

One thing that makes this loose-tea so unique is that it does a magic trick right before your eyes. A little bit of lemon juice transforms this tea into the most beautiful color. Just look at the before and after. 

Check out this video to see the transformation in action.

Today's post is sponsored by our brand partner, Adagio Teas. All opinions are our own as usual. 

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