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Essential Basic Tack For Your Horse

You've got the horse, you've got your horse-riding duds, but now you need to get your horse dressed, too! There's a lot to think about when buying tack, or horse riding gear, for your horse and many pieces to consider. We'll help break it down the basics so you can be confident in each piece you pick out. 

Getting Back on Track 

The first piece of equipment most people think of when it comes to horseback is the saddle. Saddles are generally leather and can be pricey, but shopping at discount horse suppliers can help you find a good deal. There are a number of styles from western to endurance to dressage, but a general purpose saddle will suit most recreational riders. Always check with a professional to fit your horse.

Underneath the saddle will sit your saddle pads. Saddle pads come in all sorts of options and are really your chance to try out some fashionable horse tack. They come in all sorts of colors and fabrics, though quilted cotton is quite popular as it is breathable and helps wick away moisture.

In addition to these items, you'll need a girth and stirrups. Girths wrap around your horse's belly and come in several materials such as string, nylon, synthetic, or leather. Whatever you choose, make sure its comfortably suits your horse and saddle. Stirrups hold up your feet and consist of a leather strap and an iron foothold. You should always begin with correctly-sized safety stirrups, which will have an elastic at the side. 

Get Your Head in the Game

When it comes to horse's headgear, we're not referring to braces and expanders; we're referring to bridles, reins, and bits. The bridle, buckled straps encircling the horse's head, are attached the the bit, a (generally) metal piece that sits in the horse's mouth, and the reins, all of which are used to control the horse.

For your bridle and bit, you'll want to make sure the style you choose suits your horses head size and shape. Narrower straps for smaller, more delicate horses and wider straps for larger animals. If you event, make sure to check that what you purchase will fit within the restrictions and guidelines of what is appropriate wear. Additionally, you may need a stronger bit for more strident purposes such as jumping or hacking. Reins come in a variety of materials and rubber or lined rubber can be a very good option for a good grip. 

These basics of horse's tack will get you started on outfitting your horse properly, and soon both you and your horse will be dressed to the nines and ready to run. 


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