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3 Pieces of Info About the Stargirl Series

When you sit down to watch TV, how do you go about finding a show to watch? Do you scroll mindlessly until you stumble on something you think looks good? Do you scour the internet for reviews and critiques about new series, or do you ask your friends and family what they're currently binging? Whatever method you choose, finding the perfect series is no easy feat. Geoff Johns just finished executively producing Stargirl, a new DC comics web series that's worth a watch. Here are three pieces of info about the show to help you better understand the series.


1. Stargirl Was Part of the Justice League of America

The JLA has been around for a while and has undergone many updates and relaunches throughout its tenure. When the Justice League was getting back into action, Stargirl becomes a pinnacle focus for the team and its image. She appears on a lot of posters and ads for the JLA and is a critical member. While Stargirl wasn't the most widely recognized face of the Justice League, she was still a part of the powerful team.

2. There are Live-Action Portrayals of the Series

While this new series is animated, there are a few live-action series of the show, too. In these live-action series of Stargirl, she isn't portrayed in the modern world but is instead featured in a more classic, throwback style.

3. Stargirl is Featured Alongside Other Heroes

While Stargirl is getting her own series with this new launch, this isn't her debut. Instead, she's been seen alongside other prominent superheroes including Clark Kent in Smallville_(TV_series). During the Smallville series, Stargirl is in full costume and holding the Cosmic staff which gives her power and strength to fight evil. While the Smallville series portrays a lot of other superheroes in unique ways that aren't super accurate, Stargirl's representation is pretty spot on. It's always a fun idea to go back and watch shows you've always enjoyed but maybe didn't always notice every small detail about. Re-watching Smallville may be a good idea to give you a better understanding of Stargirl, as well.

When you sit down to watch a show for the first time, it's really easy to miss a lot of content and backstory that's part of the series. You'll probably see something you never noticed before if you opt for a re-watch. If you're on the hunt for a new show, Stargirl may be the perfect addition to your list.


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