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Jan 28, 2020

A Producer's Pre-production Jobs

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While producing a movie may seem fun and exciting, it is a not job where you show up on set and start ordering others around. Several things need to be done and put in place before you can start producing. Here are three jobs that need to be done before you begin filming.


It is important to outline the time frame for making your movie. You need to determine how long it will take to make and how long you will need your actors, buildings, and managers. Once you have made a schedule for your filming time, you are one step closer to producing. Plans may not always go exactly how you like, so be sure to include some extra days for any make-up work, incomplete scenes, or incohesive actor’s work.


When producing a movie, you are not the only one involved. There are permits to acquire for where you shoot and what you shoot. Insurance also must be included in your actor’s and worker's contracts for the liabilities that could occur. Always be mindful of what is happening on set as well. Heather Parry is a prime example of how everything can seem to go right onscreen, but behind the scenes, proper protocols and approvals were never developed. This can cause serious problems long after your production is over


Knowing where you will film your movie is important before beginning. Decide on the country, state, and town you wish to shoot your movie in. Once you find the place, you still need to find the buildings and towns you want to be in. Some budgets allow for building their entire sets, while others will cause you to search for the perfect setting already out there.

The pre-production process includes several jobs for you to do. Starting your production with these tasks already accomplished will help things go quickly and smoothly while filming.  

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