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Why Is My Hot Tub Water Cloudy?

One of the most common complaints for hot tub owners is cloudy water in the spa. It can be incredibly difficult to determine the exact cause of cloudy spa water because there are so many different things that could be causing the problem. Since determining the cause of the problem can be challenging, preventing cloudy spa water can be difficult. Here are a few possible causes of cloudy water in your hot tub and how you can prevent the issue from occurring.

1. Product Build-Up

We all use a lot of different products on our bodies. Unfortunately, these products aren’t so good for spas. Between the lotion, soap, makeup, and hair products on the average human body, it is no surprise that the water in your hot tub is less than clear. To prevent cloudy water from these types of products, you can rinse off in the shower before you take a dip in the hot tub.

2. Biofilm Growth

Bacteria is bound to happen in warm, moist places if the proper chemical levels aren’t maintained. Hot tubs are known breeding grounds for bacteria, which is why it is so important that you use a sanitizer in the water. Bacteria can build up in the pipes and fittings in the internal system of your hot tub. You probably won’t even know that there is a problem until you start to see your water getting cloudy.

Spa chemicals

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If you haven’t run your hot tub in a while, the biofilm is likely to start building up in the spa. In these cases, you will need to shock the water and add sanitizer into the system. Additionally, you may need to use a treatment that will kill all of the bacteria in the internal system of the spa.

3. Hard Water

Hard water is a problem for many households. While hard water can cause problems all over your home, if you have a hot tub, you are likely to start seeing cloudy water. Hard water contains too much calcium, which can change the appearance of the water in your hot tub. Test your water for calcium hardness, alkalinity, and pH levels. If anything is unbalanced, you can use chemical balancers to help control the levels in the water of your spa. Balanced water is less likely to form scaling or cloudiness.

4. Filter Problems

Dirty hot tub filters.

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Spa filters can be a little tricky. Spa filters need to be clean and installed properly to prevent dirty water from circulating throughout the hot tub. If your spa filter is misaligned, dirty water can slip past the filter and lead to cloudy, dirty, murky water. When you replace your spa filter, make sure that it is positioned properly to keep the water in your hot tub clean.

Keeping spa filters clean is also critical in the maintenance of the water in the hot tub. A dirty hot tub filter doesn’t properly remove all of the bacteria and other gunk that can lead to cloudy water. If your filter is too dirty for cleaning to help, then you will need to replace your hot tub filter altogether. Never run your spa without the filter. A filter can prevent all kinds of problems, including cloudy water.

Hot tub filters should be switched out at least once every 12 to 24 months depending on how often you are using your hot tub and how you normally use the tub. Filters should be cleaned every few weeks with a spa filter cleaner.

5. Low Sanitizer Levels

Sanitizers are necessary to keep the water in your hot tub safe and clean. Chlorine and bromine are commonly used to manage bacteria and fungi that could try to live in your hot tub’s water, causing the water to appear cloudy. Using the right amount of sanitizer can prevent bacteria and fungi from living and breeding in the water of your spa.

Keeping your water clear isn’t always easy, but with these tips, you should be able to keep your water looking pristine for a longer period of time.

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