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5 Great Activities To Do Indoors When It's Raining

In good weather, when it is dry outside, there is nothing better than the great outdoors to keep us all entertained. A picnic on the beach, a ballgame in the park or a stroll by the river, it’s easy to fill the days with fun and enjoyment. But what if it’s raining and wet? What do we do then?

Parents with young children on school holidays are especially challenged on rainy days. Without giving them free reign to watch TV all day, playing electronic games or worse, being endlessly on their smartphone, it does need some creative thinking to keep them busy and happy indoors without spending a small fortune. Here then are some suggestions.

5 Great Activities to do Indoors when it’s Raining: 

1. Cooking / Baking 

Christmas is near and it’s time to think about making or baking some festive food to eat at home over the holiday season and as gifts for friends and family. Enlist the help of your kids to make sumptuous chocolate truffles and wrap them prettily in bags with ribbons. Make a panforte as an extra to the traditional Christmas cake or get down to some pickling and preserving of the season's produce. In pretty packages or decorated jam jars, these gifts are usually much appreciated but they do take time and effort, so a rainy day indoors is perfect for getting down to it.
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2. Learning a New Skill Together

We come back to the festive season theme of making gifts instead of buying them. Perhaps this is the year when you and the family learn jewelry making, wood carving, screen painting, pottery, embroidery, etc. If YouTube doesn’t give you enough instructions, there may be workshops locally that would interest. For example, the Artsy Hive in Miami have walk-in pottery painting sessions. Anhinga Clay Studio in Miami offer winter camp days for children who want to be creative with their hands.

3. Dancing

There is no better way to break a sweat and it costs next to nothing. All you need is music. If you’ve never learned to salsa, now is the time. It’s raining outside so shift the furniture round and clear some floor space. Again YouTube can come in useful. Salsa, cha-cha-cha, foxtrot, get the kids to show you some hip-hop, teach them to jive!

4. Yoga

We’re sticking to exercise here. It’s slower than dancing but equally challenging, good fun and will burn up some energy. Plus, this will make you and the family feel so good afterwards! There are lots of beginners to advanced yoga classes accessible online these days, so if you don’t want to take a trip to your nearest yoga studio try a class together at home.

5. Museums

When you’ve had enough of staying at home, there are always museums to go to on a rainy day. Yes, this can be an expensive trip especially if there are a few of you but there are still museums that will offer free admissions.
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Some examples in Miami are the:

Institute of Contemporary Art - admission is always free with guided tours at 2.00pm.
HistoryMiami Museum - free all day every 2nd Saturday of the month.
Miami Children’s Museum - free admission on the 3rd Friday of the month.
Historic Homestead Town Hall Museum - admission is always free.

Don't let the rain put a damper on things. Enjoy the day indoors!

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Emily Dick is a mom of one, a young girl named Daisy. She is the inspiration behind Emily’s new venture into the world of writing – parenting website whooopsAdaisy. Here, she writes about a range of topics and reviews some of the best toys, games and gifts for children of all ages, from babies to school-aged children.
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  5. Love rainy days which are so rare here in Southern California! Love the idea of baking with family.

  6. These are all fun ideas! When my son was growing, we would bake cookies on rainy days!

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  8. These are great suggestions! And yes, when you absolutely have to get out of the house, the museums are a great resource to entertain and to teach.

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  10. I'm all for cooking with kids - raining or not.


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