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Most days as I browse Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, I notice a very popular hair trend. It seems like rainbow, unicorn, and cotton candy colors are the big thing for girls and women of all ages. Believe it or not, I'm nearing 45 years of age and have never once dyed my hair. I started getting a few grays in my late teens. Those gray hairs have since multiplied, and are starting to spring up all over.

I really love my natural color and don't ever want to change it. Most people don't really notice the grays unless my hair is pulled back or I mention it. Most of the silver seems to be tucked underneath my black hair. Let me tell you though, when I go into the dressing room in a department store those silver strands stand out under those bright lights. I see every last gray hair and I get a little self-conscious. It's stupid for me to even feel that way. I am middle-aged, and getting older is a part of life. I have always said that I would not dye my hair, but sometimes feel like I'm not quite ready to be a gray-haired woman.

I have been following a few accounts on Instagram of some beautiful women who fully love and embrace their silver locks. I use it as motivation for myself. For now I will continue to just be. My hair color does not define the person I am. Are you going through this by chance? Let me know!

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  1. Yes.
    I henna, but at a certain point I know I will quit. I have a neighbor who is at least 70 with the longest thickest grey/white hair. I think its pretty and I compliment her whenever I see her.

  2. Shelly I'm with you on getting older. I'm already embracing my older years. I have dyed my hair in the past, but a bright purple. I don't have any grays as yet, but I'm actually looking forward to them. I may never get, who knows. My mother and father were in their late 70's when they died, and their hair as still black. :) Whether I get it or not, love your hair!

  3. Your natural hair color is beautiful! I'm starting to see a few grey curls at my temple but I dye my hair all the time so I'll just color over it.


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