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5 Signs It’s Time For Smart Home Maintenance

Home maintenance is often ignored by homeowners due to the dent it can cause to their bank account. Nevertheless, in some cases, home maintenance is essential because it helps retain or increase the value of your property without compromising on your living standards.


Not all signs will be noticeable until a detailed inspection is conducted. However, here are some of the tell-tale signs that will give you every reason to conduct smart home maintenance:

The Washing Machine Hose Is Bulging
If you notice a bulge in the hose, take action immediately. The hose may be about to burst. This is an emergency situation and needs professional assistance right away. This could also be a sign of leakage in the hose. If not taken care of in time, it could cause a costly damage.

When You Notice Melted Grommets On Your Water Heater
This could be a sign of the presence of deadly gases in your home. The gases generated from the water heater find their way out of your home through a duct. Sometimes, blockage in the duct may not allow the gases to release. Instead, the gases backdraft and combine the air with deadly carbon monoxide.

This happens if plastic of the duct is damaged due to heated water. You can seek assistance from a professional to detect and fix the duct. PlumbingFix, Santa Clarita based experts offer emergency services to fix water heaters. Contacting them may help you get rid of the damage.

The Water Meter Keeps Running
If you haven’t noticed any leakage in the water, the meter is the best way to find out. First and foremost, inspect the plumbing fixtures and faucets in your house. Find out if they’re properly turned off. In case the meter still keeps running, you need to get it checked and fixed immediately.

Indoor leaks are often easy to find. Also, check for water stains on the ceilings and walls. Inspect your kitchen and toilet carefully. Pay attention to the valves and focus on the water dropping sound.

Leakage In The Roof

If your roof is leaking, your roofing system needs immediate maintenance. It could be old, rotten, or damaged. To resolve this issue, you have two options: you can either consider complete renovation or go for various fixing methods.

The best way to decide is to first find out how much it is damaged already. New roofing with asphalt shingles is a pricey job and can cost you between $4500 and $10,000. Therefore, before you decide, get it checked and find out if repairing can fix it.

Efflorescence On Chimney Brick
Clearly, this means that a lot of moisture has built up inside. Efflorescence is a white material that appears on the chimney's brick and shouldn’t be ignored. Its appearance shows the movement of moisture through masonry.

The movement of moisture picks up minerals and leaves tiny white crystals behind. While this isn’t really harmful and a little amount of efflorescence is quite common, it’s a cause of concern if it’s too noticeable.

If the moisture is accumulating, it could eventually cause damage to the chimney. In worse cases, your flue liner may also be affected. The combustion of gases from the water heater, fireplace, or furnace is also harmful to your environment.

While these signs are easy to identify, the outdoor leaks can go unnoticed for years. Getting it checked and fixed by professionals is the best way to keep up with smart home maintenance.
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