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TYLT Energi Power Case: A Clean, Stylish Solution To Protecting And Charging Your Phone

TYLT is revolutionizing the way that people can keep their electronic devices charged.  Its products include everything from charging cases for cell phones to a universal portable wireless battery charger.  TYLT even makes a charging backpack so you can charge your phone while commuting or hiking.

Of course, the most convenient way to charge a phone is with the phone’s own charging case.  The right charging case can keep your phone charged for a whole day, no matter how many apps you open.  The Energi Sliding Power case from TYLT is a handsome, efficient phone charging case.  Here are some Energi Power case benefits:


The Energi Power case can keep your phone charged for many hours, or it can just be a phone case.  It consists of an inner case that slides onto your phone, and also a charging power sleeve.  If you only want to protect your phone but not charge it, you can just use the inner case.  You can always connect it back to the charging component later.  Just using the inner case is a convenient option if you have to keep your phone in a tiny purse during a wedding.

Excellent Charging Capacity

The Energi Power case increases the amount of time your phone stays charged twofold. You can press a button on the case to see how much charge your phone has at any moment.  The same button will show you how much charge the Energi Power case has. You can charge your phone and the case at the same time.  When you plug the phone with its case into a power source, they will both charge.  You can even charge the phone and case with a wireless phone charger.

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