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The Family Files - Can Siblings With Big Age Differences Get Along Well?

These kids of mine are truly something special. They are all so different for the most part, yet have some striking similarities. Their ages are now 22, 20, and soon-to-be 9. It's funny, I often call William an "only child" because his sisters are adults. The nice part is that his big sisters come home from work/school and are fully ready to do child-like things with him. He always complains that his siblings are his biggest botherers 😆The girls are fully obsessed with their little brother. Every little thing he does is so cute to them. Oh, and the fact that he is the most adorable little thing makes everything even cuter! This is why they stay in his face. 

The older siblings do indeed start stuff with the little one. William will be so calm and quiet all day until they get home. That's when the adult children start to behave like little children. I admit, it's a lot of fun seeing the bond between the three of them. William will be the first one to get sad if one of his sisters have to go out of town or are spending the night away from home. By the way, he calls them "my girls". He asks me all day, "When will my girls be home?" And when they do finally get home.....

There are so many days where my husband and I listen to those kids laugh together, talk to each other through the walls, or get into some sort of mischief that results in all of them getting yelled at. It reminds us of how very blessed we are to have children who really love each other and enjoy time together. Our biggest hope is that they will be this way forever.

Do you have children with big age differences? Do they get along well?

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  1. I do and yes they get along well. I always say we needed her because it's like she brought the joy back. She gained 3 additional parents though - which was kind of good for me and sometimes not so good for her. But it means they deeply care and I love that. This summer my older daughter is getting married and she is a bridesmaid of course. She does feel left out sometimes when she can't hang out with her older siblings; everyone is more attuned to this now so they all make an effort. She is like an only child - she literally thinks her dad, myself and her are a unit. Overall it is better than I anticipated.


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