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Give Your Valentine The Gift Of Power With MyCharge HUBPLUS

Do you have your Valentine's Day gift ready for your Sweetie yet? If not, you better hurry up and get him/her something that is sure to make them feel loved and appreciated. This year, skip the candy and flowers and give them what they really want-- The gift of power! The HUBPLUS Portable Charger from myCharge is a great idea for your Valentine. After all, who doesn't use electronic devices daily? 

The HUBPLUS portable charger is unique because you can charge up to 3 devices at once while you are on-the-go! There are two built-in cables for your iPhone and other micro-USB device, as well as a standard USB port. This makes carrying charging cords a thing of the past. If you travel often, this is a must-have! The best part is that the power bank lasts a long time and can be recharged by plugging it directly into an electric outlet.

I plugged the lightening cable into my iPhone and it charged fully in less than 20 minutes. Of course individual charging time will vary based on make and age of your device. I think about those long car trips we take and how every time my son's tablet will start losing power. Now we can take along our myCharge HUBPLUS and his tablet will stay juiced up for the ride. The compact design and light weight is ideal for taking it anywhere you want. You don't ever want to get caught out there with no battery life for your devices. 

The myCharge HUBPLUS would make a great gift for any occasion. It can be purchased here for $79.99. Be sure to follow myCharge on Facebook and Twitter for the latest promotions and product updates.

I received a product sample from myCharge for an honest review. All opinions are my own as always. 

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