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A Simple Guide To Dermarollers

Skin care has come a long ways in the past couple of decades. So many treatments have been developed to combat aging and improve the appearance of our skin. However, sometimes the simplest of tools works just as well and for a lesser cost. If lasers and other treatments are out of reach of your budget, there are still options available to you. Consider micro-needling with Dermarollers.

What is Micro-needling?

Micro-needling is a process in which tiny, medical grade needles are used to create micro-sized channels in the skin. They pierce the lower level of our skin where cells generate collagen and elastins to repair and replace damaged cells. These tiny channels also make the skin effectively absorb vitamin enriched serums and materials to further improve the skin.

The term Dermaroller actually refers to a manual device with a handle and a barrel on the end covered in tiny needles. It is rolled across the surface of the skin using slight pressure to create the micro channels. It also comes in a couple variations - a pen shape with a small number of needles on the end called a Dermapen or a handle with a stamp full of needles called a Dermastamp. Both are pressed against the skin and sized to treat small areas.

What are Dermarollers used for?

Dermarollers treat multiple skin conditions. By penetrating the deep layer of our skin, they promote healing and replace the damaged cells:

  • Anti-aging - Used around the eyes, lips, and forehead, Dermarollers can remove lines and wrinkles to make you look younger.
  • Stretch marks - Treatments can reduce stretch marks so they are less noticeable
  • Cellulite problems - With regular use, Dermaroller treatments can reduce or remove cellulite from the problem areas of the body, such as the thighs, arms, and even the stomach or rear end.
  • Hair loss issues - Used in tandem with minoxidil, the micro-needling process not only slows or stops hair loss, it also helps grow new hair.
  • Scar reduction and removal - With several treatments, scars can be reduced in size or even removed, depending on how severe they are.

Dermarollers vs. Other Procedures

There are several advantages to micro-needling versus other treatment methods. The most noticeable benefit is the savings. Obtaining micro-needling services at the clinic cost far less than other procedures. While you may find used laser equipment for sale on the internet, you can purchase your own Dermaroller for a mere fraction of the cost. Not only that, but it doesn't require special training to use.

Another advantage is that micro-needling reaches deep into the skin, opening up micro channels so the skin can readily absorb other products. Serums containing collagen do not work on their own, but combined with Dermarollers, the collage is highly effective as making the skin plumper and healthier.

Who can use Dermarollers?

Almost anyone can use Dermarollers. Clinics have technicians who know exactly which needle length to use for each area, making the application more successful. They apply topical anaesthetics to reduce discomfort and have access to effective serums to correct your skin issues. Some skin care problems require deeper applications, for which you should leave to the professionals.

They are also sold for personal use to be used in the convenience of your home. Just be sure to carefully read and follow the directions. Cleaning and sterilizing them before and after each use is extremely important.


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