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Not All Kids Eat Like Kids

I haven't posted about anything personal in so long, so I thought I'd post about my favorite 70-year-old son. Yes, I said seventy. William has such an old soul so I always say he is a 70-year-old man in a 7-year-old body. I wanted to share some things about William's eating habits. He is a very good eater. He exclusively likes foodie-food, meaning NO snacks. When I say no snacks, this means no cookies, chips, fruit, crackers, ice-cream or any candy.. at all. 

Any time we attend parties or functions where there will be food, I panic. You see, William likes home-cooked food-- rice, beans, chicken, veggies and pasta. If you gave him rice with any type of meat, veggie or beans for every meal, he would be so happy. When we are at a party where there will be pizza, cake and ice-cream this means he will not be eating. He may have a couple bites of pizza, but that's it. For his birthday we don't bother with cake because he simply doesn't like it. He recently started to enjoy Krispy Kreme doughnuts and Cinnabon cinnamon rolls. That is the extent of his tolerance for any sweets. When he gets Halloween candy, he gives it to his big sisters. He won't have anything to do with it. The kid doesn't even eat chicken nuggets, tacos or any normal kid food. I think the only exception is mac & cheese. He started taking a lot of interest in what goes into his food and likes to help in the kitchen. He loves to help season food and calls himself a "Tony Chachere's man". His thing is as long as food has flavor, he will eat it. He informed me that maybe when he is 13, he will like snacks and sweets.

People are often stunned to find out that he only eats real food and tell me how lucky we are to have a healthy eater. They are right about that, but it sure would be nice if he could eat regular stuff on occasion to make life easier. Some may call him a picky eater, but the truth is, he's a particular eater. He knows exactly what he likes and doesn't like. I guess for now he will continue to be a foodie as he calls himself. Life with a 70 year old kid, gotta love it!

Do your kids have any odd eating habits?


  1. No tacos? Aw man! Those are my fave. My kids hate cheese. Go figure.

  2. my little one does not like Mcdonalds, burger King or most fast food. but she likes chick fila..But she also loves cucumbers, mushrooms, and my homemade soup. When I was her age I didnt like soup. she says she doesn't like sweets but she eats chocolate...she's an interesting eater, but I'm grateful because I know that all kids don't have to eat junk.

  3. ah yes, but you know I have very particular eater...although he has widened his taste buds. He will now eat a single spoonful of mac-n-cheese. Still very picky about the shape of his noodles in any pasta meal. Still not much to like about yogurt, still only eats apples, grapes, and banana's. Not a fan of corn but loves him some of those "little green trees". We have gotten him to eat some fruit pouches (but they must be organic or they just taste funny). Not a fan of hamburgers, he does like certain candies but not really a fan of cake or cupcakes, does not like sliced cheese but will eat a small amount of shredded cheese. Oh the joys of making dinner and lunch and breakfast in our house.

  4. My boy likes snacks, and he loves my homemade pizzas so much that I just can't ignore him when he's begging me to make it /he does it every week!/. And he likes all kinds of sandwiches - tuna, egg salad sandwiches, turkey sandwiches, etc.


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