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I would love to punch some people on HGTV

I just wanted to share some random thoughts that come to mind while I'm watching my favorite shows on HGTV...
  • I really can't stand when they show a married couple reenact their morning routine in a small bathroom. Do people really brush their hair or teeth at the same exact time each morning and bump into each other like that? We don't. Our master bathroom in my home is smaller than some bathrooms in hotels, but we never complain.
  • Couples that can't agree on colors, finishes or anything for that matter. They have heated on-air arguments and someone ends up in fake tears. 
  • When they have over-the-top expectations for an itty bitty budget. 
  • When people have a budget of over a million dollars and end up buying a 1,200 square foot home. 
  • Why do the men have to get inside the tub? I would be so embarrassed if my husband did something like that on camera. Sadly, he probably would.
  • I do LOVE when the host shows a house that has everything a couple is looking for-- all custom features, open and over-sized spaces, gourmet kitchen, dream back yard and everything else only to burst their bubble when the sales price is revealed. It ends up being like $400K over budget, Hehehe!
  • There is always going to be that one woman who freaks out because there's a dead bug on the ground. C'mon man, it's DEAD! 
  •  People and the whole "open floor plan" thing. I don't really get it. When I'm in the kitchen cooking, I don't want to be bothered. I don't need to see my family or guests while I'm in there. It's my "me time" and I don't need anyone talking to me during that time. 


  1. i have some of the same thoughts: I don't understand why everyone wants open floor concept; i don't like couples with unrealistic expectations; i like watching the more established but not spoiled couples; i've never gotten in to anyone's tub while looking at a house; sometimes i like the argumentative couples because at least they're not so scripted...more often than not on HH, #1 is never selected because the entire show is scripted.

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  3. I'm completely the opposite on the open floor plan. I grew up in a house with an open floor plan and that's what I prefer. Having two kids that get into everything, being able to see them and what they're getting into while I'm whipping up dinner is a must! Also, if I'm cooking for guests, I'm not going to lie, I do like showing off my cooking skills without necessarily having them all in my space.

  4. Lol! My husband loves watching HGTV. I see a lot of this going on and yeah, we don't brush our teeth at the same time, well, if we can help it.

  5. LOL! Yeah, the scripting for these shows is a bit much at times. I agree with getting into tubs...why do that? What gets me the most is when a home or homes are being showed for potential renovation and the dumb comments that the potential home owners say, like, they hate the rugs, hate the wall paper, hate the color of the paint, etc, Those are cosmetic, they know it, they know those are easily changeable. No comments on the structure of floors, walls, size of rooms, the really important stuff that is expensive to fix. Drives me nuts :)

  6. I love the idea of an open floor plan, but that's just me. I loved your post though and have to agree with many of your comments about HGTV. And that bug thing is hilarious, now just imagine a man doing that lol


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