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An Overview of Garagiste Wines

Wine has become the next big thing in artisanal beverages, with a rapid increase of craft wines becoming available. According to Gold Medal Wine Club, no longer are enthusiasts reaching for mass-produced bottles recognized from magazine lists, but instead they are seeking hidden gems found within the bottles of garagiste wine.

What is Garagiste Wine?

Garagiste is a term that originated in France to describe a type of wine maker who focuses on small, high quality products as opposed to creating large batches. It became a label for a subculture that refused to be restricted by governmental rules and instead rebelled, utilizing small garage types of spaces to create their own specialized wines. These independent innovators incorporate passion and creativity into their artisanal cache. The wines are made with great attention to detail, which often means the final tally of cases is extremely low compared to that generated by corporate producers. There are a variety of garagiste wines available, although only a few types are usually offered from any one particular producer. If you have a garagiste wine in hand, you can rest assured there are very few others that get to partake in the flavors you are experiencing.

Where is Garagiste Wine Produced?

While some variance of a garagiste wine can be found in locations throughout the country, there are a few spots where they have really come into their own. On the West Coast there has been a huge influx of craft wine producers, with enthusiasts creating an array of unique products. The primary stateside hubs can be found in Central and Northern California, with a large number of artisans staying true to the state’s “wine country” reputation. While large wine producers are aplenty, there are lots of resources for wine makers of all sizes. However, The Golden State can’t claim all the talented makers of garagistes. In recent years, Oregon and Washington have both climbed in recognition as craft wine producing states, and rightfully so. In keeping with the North West’s independent spirit, craftsmen let their creative juices flow in this area where small, non-corporate businesses are given considerable support and quality work can easily find a niche. Locally sourced ingredients, organic elements and slow, intentional processes are all revered, making these ideal regions to experiment and create artisanal spirits.

Considering the low number of bottles produced, every drop counts. When you have a garagiste wine poured into your glass, take the time to enjoy it with multiple senses. Observe the rich color and viscosity, smell the aromas as it breathes, and savor every sip, enjoying the uniqueness of what you are experiencing.

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