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New at IHOP Criss Croissants-- A must-try!

I had the absolute pleasure of sampling the latest menu item from IHOP. The all-new Criss Croissants. Breakfast lovers the world over have long enjoyed the unique taste and texture of the classic French croissant—that delicate, buttery flaky pastry that practically melts in your mouth.  Now, IHOP restaurants introduces a brand new way to savor that treat—by taking that distinctive dough and baking it in a waffle iron so that you have the luscious taste of a croissant with the distinctive criss-crossing of the waffle iron pattern, and voila!  Criss-Croissants!

Oh boy, these are out of this world! Criss Croissants are available in two irresistible flavors: Strawberry Rhubarb and Blackberry Lemonade. I'm a strawberry gal so I knew that was the one I would want to try first. I won't lie, I anticipated that the cream would be too sweet for my liking. To my surprise, it wasn't at all. It was lightly sweet and the fruit was bursting with a sweet and tangy flavor. It was the perfect combination. I had mine paired with the bacon and egg combo and I ate every last bite. My husband tried it too and enjoyed it as well. We noticed that many people sitting around us were ordering the same thing. I don't blame them :)
Strawberry Rhubarb: A warm waffled croissant filled with perfectly sweetened cream cheese, and crowned with a strawberry rhubarb topping.
Blackberry Lemonade: A warm waffled croissant filled with refreshing lemonade cream and topped with sweet blackberries.
Criss Croissants are available as part of a breakfast combo at participating IHOP restaurants through April 5. If you can make it out to IHOP, you must try Criss Croissants. You won't be disappointed! Be sure to check out IHOP on the web and follow on InstagramFacebook and Twitter for promotions and updates.

I received a gift card to try out the latest menu offering in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own as always. 
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