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LISTERINE Healthy Oral Care for the entire family #sponsored #MC

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We are so busy these days with school, sports, activities, work—the list goes on! One thing I have to make the extra effort with is making sure my family takes good care of their teeth and gums. It is especially hard with a very busy six year old boy. I think he is the biggest challenge of all. It’s hard enough to get him to brush properly, so when you factor in flossing and rinsing, I am almost ready to give up. My son has been using a fun new toothbrush that has a light-up timer to ensure that he brushes for a full two minutes. It has really helped and I feel like I don’t have to monitor the time anymore. He still has quite a bit of spacing between his teeth, so the only place he really needs flossing is in the back. Oh my, it’s so hard to get him to cooperate with that! Luckily, I received some oral care samples from LISTERINE® to help us out.

Did you know that they make dental floss for sensitive gums? LISTERINE® Gentle Gum Care Dental Floss offers gentle cleaning for sensitive gums and is perfect for my son since I have to assist with flossing. I don’t have to be afraid that I will tear into his gums. The floss has a cushioned feel to it.

Another area we have trouble with is having a mouth wash that he can handle. I really love the LISTERINE® SMART RINSE® featuring the Avengers on the bottle. Since my son is on a Superhero kick, this was perfect! It’s very easy to dispense and he likes the taste of it. It’s not too strong for his sensitive little mouth and he says his mouth feels fresh. He still has to swish the rinse twice since he can’t handle the entire amount at one time. His mouth is still pretty small. I’m really pleased to have products that work well for him. I hope he will continue his healthy oral care habits and eventually be a lot more independent.

Another product that my husband and I absolutely love is the LISTERINE® HEALTHYWHITE GENTLE Sodium Fluoride Anticavity Mouthrinse. I am not a big fan of overly strong, mediciney tasting mouth rinse. Not only is this rinse mild, it also freshens with a lasting effect. Being coffee drinkers, the whitening formula is perfect for us. After just a few uses, we have both seen a difference in our smile. We plan to continue using LISTERINE oral care products to help keep our mouths healthy. Be sure to check out the LISTERINE website to find retailers of where to buy products. Check out their YouTube page as well.

Does your family sometimes struggle with keeping up good oral care habits? Do you have a favorite LISTERINE oral care product? Feel free to leave any tips or advice in the comments.

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