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How LISTERINE has helped make oral care easier for my family #MC #sponsored

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You might recall a post I did last week about my family's struggles when it comes to oral care and how LISTERINE products can help. I wanted to follow-up with some thoughts since using the products for a couple weeks now. First of all, I am most impressed with my six year old son. Ever since he tried the SMART RINSE, he has become more interested in taking care of his teeth and mouth. He gives no trouble in the morning and night to brush and rinse. As a matter of fact, he reminds me that he needs to rinse. I think the fact that it is so easy and to dispense, makes it an enjoyable experience for him. He feels like such a big boy pouring his rinse into a cup and being able to swish and spit without swallowing. He also makes it a point to smile and show off his pearly whites. This makes me so happy since he doesn't always brush properly to remove all of the extras that might be lingering in his mouth. The LISTERINE SMART RINSE gives added peace of mind. And I just love fresh kisses at bedtime. If you have a little one, I really do recommend this product.
I am really loving the LISTERINE® HEALTHYWHITE GENTLE Sodium Fluoride Anticavity Mouthrinse and the Gentle Gum Care Dental Floss. I like that I can enjoy the benefits of having a clean and fresh mouth, with added whitening, but without the burn of some mouth rinses. I have noticed the whitening more with using it twice a day. I will have to check my local wholesale club to see if I can buy it in a bulk size. I'm also really pleased with the Gentle Gum Care Dental Floss since it is really super gentle on my aging gums.

We plan to continue using LISTERINE oral care products to help keep our mouths healthy. Be sure to check out the LISTERINE website to find retailers of where to buy products. Check out their YouTube page as well.

Does your family sometimes struggle with keeping up good oral care habits? Do you have a favorite LISTERINE oral care product? Feel free to leave any tips or advice in the comments.

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