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Being fake can get you more likes. Say what?

Today I checked the mailbox like usual and the only thing that came was the latest copy of Seventeen magazine. I subscribe to it for my daughters because I had to use up some My Coke Reward points and figured they may like it. I know growing up, I adored Seventeen magazine along with other teen-geared publications. I mean, what girl wouldn't want to look at the latest fashion trends, make-up tips and cute boys? I glanced at the top of the magazine and it caught my eye. It read, "Pretty Selfie Secrets, Beauty tips that will get you "likes". 
I was really bothered by that. Why do you need selfie secrets and why does it matter how many "likes" you get? If you are a teenager, chances are that "likes" equal popularity. I just had to see what Seventeen magazine was selling our teenage girls. I saw the "Fake perfect skin" part. It gave advice on what products to use on your face to make yourself appear to have perfect skin. What on earth? Why would anybody want to give the illusion that they have perfect skin when people that know you in real life know about any imperfections you may have? The article gives more tips about make-up tricks to make you look selfie ready. 
I really thought it was sad. It tells girls that they can't be pretty as is or with minimal make-up. It sells the idea that making yourself look flawless will make people like you more (get likes). I immediately discussed this with my daughters and they were both disturbed by it all. I do my best as a mother to set a good example to my girls about being loving yourself including your flaws. Also, too many selfies make you look like a narcissist. You have to really feel badly inside if you slather on a ton of make-up and post photos of yourself fishing for media likes. And we wonder why our girls have such low self-esteem. SMH. I just had to share this.


  1. The things that are published in teen magazines always shocks me :/ I definitely don't remember Seventeen being that way when I was younger. I love makeup but I think it's so important - especially for young girls, to learn how to be comfortable without it. For me, makeup is a fun way to 'dress up', not a way to disguise who I really am. Great post, thanks for sharing this!

  2. Young girls needs encouragement to know their naturally beautiful but I guess teen magazines are starting to follow adult women magazine where women are photos shopped and air brushed. That's so disappointing.

  3. I definitely agree, but this is what our society is all about now. smh.

  4. Everyone is so worried about what other people think, that they lose sight of what's really important. I hate that our tweens and teens feel the need to keep up with some sort of standard that is most likely unattainable. You will never be perfect, everyone will not always like you, and I think as a whole, we're setting up our kids for disappointment with these types of articles that make it seem like it's possible.

    My kids are young still, so I still have time to ponder this. I am trying to give them the most positive attention and self esteem building praise NOW, so hopefully they won't feel the need to impress others for acceptance. Thanks for the post, Shelly!

  5. I saw this magazine today while waiting at the dentist and thought it was a joke!! I just couldn't believe it. What type of self worth is this promoting among young women??


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