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Are you moving? Here are some great tips from Unpakt

Moving can be expensive—from movers to insurance to down payments—the bill can add up quickly.

Fortunately, packing supplies do not need to be added to your list of expenses. Actually, you may already own some of the best packing materials around—you just didn’t realize it yet!  Unpakt, a price comparison site and online booking tool for consumers searching for a reputable moving company, put together a list of household items that can be used for packing:

Sandwich Bags – These can be used to hold hardware from disassembled furniture and appliances. They are also ideal for toiletries—if something leaks during the move, a sandwich bag will prevent other items from being damaged.
Towels, Socks, other Clothing Items – Towels can be used to wrap plates, serving platters, vases, or breakable d├ęcor. Make sure you keep one out to pack  n your overnight bag though!  Balls of socks can be used to fill open space in boxes of breakables. You want items secure, so they do not bounce around. Rather than using packaging peanuts or other costly products, use socks. Longer socks can also be used to wrap glasses and stemware. T-shirts, tanks, and sweaters can also be used to wrap breakables. A nice soft sweater or sweatshirt is ideal to line the bottom of the box. This will provide cushioning in case the box gets roughed up during the move.

Beer Boxes – There are three reasons to use beer boxes. First, they are heavy duty and can hold a lot of weight. Second, they have handles on the side, which makes them easy to carry. Third, you get to drink the beer to empty the box! If you’re not into drinking a case of beer, head to a liquor store and see if they will give them to you for free.

Drawers – With the exception of clothes you do not necessarily want movers peeking at, most clothes can stay in your dresser drawers. Simply cover them with Glad Press’n Seal. If you plan on doing this, make sure the moving company doesn’t have rules about handling unboxed items.

Twist Ties – Use these to stop cables and cords from getting tangled.
Other household items that can be used as packing supplies include trash pails (after a thorough clean!), suitcases, Rubbermaid containers, baskets, underbed storage, gym bags and backpacks, trash bags, and hampers.

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