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My kid could have been a character on Drake & Josh

Do any of you remember the show Drake & Josh? My daughters always enjoyed that show (any maybe I did too) and they compare their sweet little brother William to the little sister, played by Miranda Cosgrove (Megan). You see, the sweet boy in the photo can melt your heart by just one smile.  He can wrap just about anyone around his little finger. He is smart, charismatic and sneaky. He is goood.
Around myself and his dad, William is the good little son... or at least that's how he portrays himself. When he gets around his sisters, he bosses them around and does all the typical, pestering things that little brothers do. As soon as one of the girls try to reprimand him, he runs up to me and tells me (sad face and all) how badly his sisters are treating him and how they need to be in trouble. You should see how pathetic he behaves when he does this. When I go and ask the girls what happened they say he did {insert offense here} and William innocently tries to defend himself. He will plead with me that he didn't do anything and then turn around and make faces at his sisters. He thinks he is so slick too! Funny thing is as I type this post, he is standing at the doorway of my office telling me "My girls are boddering me, they're being bad". I tell ya, boys are a whole different species!!

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