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How times have changed when it comes to undergarments

I was chatting with my friend Krystel from ArmyWife101 the other day and we were discussing bras and undergarments for teens. We had both recently taken our teenage daughters to shop for new undergarments and were astonished by the choices. It seems like the bras of today are made for the bedroom (and I'm not talking pajamas) more than for the function it is intended for. We searched through bra after bra and it seemed like every single one was overstuffed with padding to make your breasts appear two sizes larger. Now my daughters are small just like me, but why on earth do they need a bra to make them look like they are a C? It's as if our daughters are not supposed to feel good about what they have and give the illusion that they are busty. I just don't get it. I was so tiny when I was a teenager that I literally wore a negative size. I didn't really wear push-up bras because there was nothing to push up! Now I understand that girls today are a little curvier than before but why do they need their boobs pushed up to their chin and add two more sizes? I have seem so many teens wearing bras that cause spillage and that is not cute!

I feel like it is a disservice to our daughters to purchase bras like this to make their breasts appear fuller than they are. I think it is the wrong way to go about teaching and encouraging high self-esteem. I do let my daughters have a say what they like when we are shopping for undergarments, but I do also put in my two cents. I used to be one of those very insecure girls growing up and even well into my adult years, thinking my breasts weren't big enough. I have learned to be happy with what I was born with and know that my beauty truly comes from within. Everything else is just a bonus. I really believe moms need to be involved in teaching our daughters about wearing the appropriate undergarments. This goes beyond the training bra years!  Don't even get me started on the underwear showing at the top of the super low jeans. I know I sound old-fashioned (because I am) but maybe we need more old-fashioned today!

What are your thoughts?
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. I hear ya! I used to have to do a 'boob check' to make sure my stepdaughter's goodies weren't on display before she went out. Now she's 18 and no longer lives with us so I have no say in how she wears 'em, but I shudder to think. I feel the same way you do about the connection to self-esteem. It's sad, and it gets harder and harder to bang that drum when nearly ALL the bras and panties out there seem to send the opposite message--right along with all the other girls! (Not to mention the boys.)


    On a related note, I personally don't like to wear that sort of lingerie on a daily basis, but I find it difficult to find underwear (and bras) that are anywhere between Old Fart and Hoochie Mama! Where's all the 'cute & comfy' stuff?! Very frustrating!

  2. well, i'll tell you one thing- push-up bras and low-rise jeans definitely cause more than a little distraction in a high school classroom!! whatever happened to modesty? i wonder sometimes if these young people were seen by their parents on their way to school. way too much flesh for my taste. there's something to be said for leaving folks wondering... thank heavens it's almost coat season!

  3. I agree that we need to be involved in the undergarment shopping for those first couple of years. I remember my mom taking me shopping for my first bra. I have admit it wasn't as hard as shopping for a bra is now.


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