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Trying to keep it together

I have been absent from the online world lately. My days are filled with all things back-to-school, volleyball practices, registration, senior pictures, preschool (at home) preparations, being a good wife, keeping our home in order and taking some down time with the family. It has consumed my time! I have had some really good days as well as some trying ones. So far, both girls are ready to start school next week. They both are fully registered, picked up books, got lockers and have completed everything needed for a smooth start. They also have been going through volleyball conditioning all summer long and had try-outs last week. Both of them made the Girl's Varsity team! The first scrimmage of the season is today. It is going to be a treat to watch my girls play together on the same team. They are excited about it as is heart-warming :)

I have been getting things together for William to get him ready for kindergarten next year. It is so different teaching him that it was with the girls. I beat myself up a lot because there is so much he does not know or has trouble with. I feel like I am failing him most days. Sometimes I have a good cry and want to throw in the towel and just put him in pre-k. Other days, he does an amazing job and shows how much he is absorbing. My problem is that when my girls were little, technology had not quite blossomed yet. We didn't have a computer until the oldest started kindergarten and it was a while before we obtained digital gadgets. Of course back in the day, our means of learning was to physically go to the library and check out books for projects. Now in this day, our kids will receive mandatory mini notebook computers for school use. I am surprised they still have actual books. I know one thing though, some of the most basic things in life can't be taught from a computer. I have vowed to focus in on William and make sure I give him all I can over the course of the next year, to get him where he needs to be. I will fight through my own insecurities and anxiety and do whatever it takes.

If anyone has any tips to share on things I can incorporate into preschool at home, I would appreciate it! So is everyone ready for school to start back?

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Aw Shelly, don't beat yourself up. I am so positive that you are doing a wonderful job. For me, even in the age of technology, my children and I make trips to the library. My daughter is an avid reader so she loves holding a book just as much as she does reading her Kindle. My son not so much. He hates having to sit and read a book so, I have to be creative. I order his magazines he likes. When they arrive I find him on the couch . . .reading. Also, get ready to laugh . . he is a toilet reader. So, I keep magazines and books like Amazing facts with words and awesome pictures near the bathroom. He always grabs one on his way in. HAHA. I mostly try to focus on what they love. He excels in math, loves playing drums, running track and a few other things so, I find ways to use those interests to spark learning. My daughter is not athletic at all and struggles in math, but she loves to bake and wants to open her own bakery. So, I use baking and business lessons to help her with math.
    What I am trying to say with this long comment use what William loves and turn that into lessons. He will enjoy what he is doing and learn at the same time.

    1. Great advice, Sharon! I found a program at the library that starts next month (once a week) for preschoolers. I will have to find some fun ways to incorporate dinosaurs into his lessons :)

  2. Hi,

    Most states have their preschool standards/curriculum available online. That's a good gauge to see what your son needs to know by the end of the school year so that you can work backwards.

    Don't worry. You're a great mom. Every child is different, but it will all "click" for your little one as long as you keep exposing him to the things that he needs to know.

  3. I don't have any tips per se, but as a wise person once told me...barring any learning disabilities, the person said, the child is 6, how behind can he be?
    We parents worry so much and when I look back it was for naught. I remember trying to teach one of my children to read and she wasn't getting it - I really beat myself up then. but as soon as she got to school she was reading and hasn't stopped since. maybe she needed a break from me.
    You and william will be fine! and we'll all get through another back to school intact.

  4. I love technology and while my son is growing up as a little techie, I'm a firm believer in real life learning experiences. Take your son outside and learn/bond with everyday things.

    My son has a delay and sometimes I'm sad he's not where the other kids are. But then I remind myself that he's moving at his own pace and as long as he makes progress then I need to be happy and keep working with him. You might be surprised how much he's already taken in.

    But if your worried, try 1 or 2 days at preschool or kids center. Im sure you and your son will enjoy it.

  5. You and I are in the same boat Shelly! I'm doing pre-school with my daughter (3) and it's tough! She loves to learn but, has the attention span of a goldfish and doesn't do well with instructions.

    Homeschooling is very trying...very. You can do it though!

  6. I think the main thing to do is not beat yourself up and focus on his personal time-table with learning and don't compare. We're doing preschool at home too with my oldest who is 4. I had a really tough time getting back into the swing of things after giving birth in April 2011. But before summer break I had us on a good schedule where we'd do "school" in the morning: book readings, activities (like painting or baking cookies together), all focused on a weekly theme. We also have playdates some weeks too.

    Now, I know what will be challenging this year is keeping the #2 son, who is getting more and more active, occupied while we're doing stuff. I just accept that some days are gonna suck and some days we'll feel like rocks stars. Peaks and valleys, but it's all good. Good luck and keep us up to date.

  7. Wearing so many hats can really wear you down. (hugs) I have no advice unfortunately ... teaching is just not something I've been very good at.


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