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Married to Jonas on E! and my tips for the newlyweds {Giveaway}

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Have you guys heard about the new show on E! called Married to Jonas? I can't believe Kevin Jonas is all grown up and married! Kevin and his young wife Dani make the most adorable couple. Their show will chronicle their new life together as a married couple and also give a peek into their new families... with the in-laws! Oh, they have some very interestingly fun times ahead! Married to Jonas airs on Sunday's 10/9c.

It got me to thinking, being so young and married is not easy. You think things will be as perfect as the day you met, but man oh man do things change! It is important to get some good advice from seasoned couples to make sure you do all you can to make things work. Since I have been married for over 18 years, I feel like I know a thing or two. Here is my top ten list of marriage tips to Kevin and Dani and to all the newlyweds out there. 
  1. Always try to impress each other. If the woman wore make-up and heels while dating, still do it. If the man dressed well and wore nice cologne, keep it up. Don't fall into the trap that your significant other loves you and there is no need to impress them anymore. Don't let yourselves go!  
  2. Ladies, if you and your man are lost in the woods somewhere and he tells you to wait in a specific spot, stay your butt right there. I confess that as a woman, I tend to want to show my man that I can hang and end up getting both of us in more trouble! 
  3. Gentleman, always tell your woman how beautiful she is. Don't tell her that because the world is always saying how beautiful she is that she knows you feel the same. She wants to hear it from YOU! 
  4. Always appreciate each other. Never forget to thank your mate for all the little things. 
  5. Ladies, let your man be a man. They need time to blow off steam and do "boy things". Perhaps not the same things they did when they were single, but you get the idea. 
  6. Be honest each and every day. If you don't like something about your mate, tell them! Holding back never helps things. 
  7. Give each other space. There will be times that you both drive each other crazy. Take some time away from each other. You don't have to be joined at the hip 24/7.
  8. Have a sense of humor. You can't take every single thing so seriously. Laughter is so important to balance out all the serious stuff. 
  9. Ladies, this is important. Be a lady in the street and a freak in the sheets. Seriously, just keeping it real! 
  10. My last tip is very important and it is for the men. Gentleman, just know that the woman is always right. It will make for a lasting and happy marriage. It's as easy as that! 
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  1. I would say keep your parents out of any major discussions or disagreements so that they won't butt in and when having kids set down the rules early so that there won't be any disagreements regarding rearing children. Plus, if someone makes you feel uncomfortable communicate. Communication is the key and making sure that you spend time together

  2. Be honest, show respect and always communicate

  3. Do not be afraid to speak up and let them know their limits.

  4. Communicate and listen to each other.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. Dont let the other person boss you around. You are entitled to your own opinions and feelings!

  6. Be sure to maintain participation in your interests and hobbies so that "you" do not become lost in "us".

  7. Consider the opinion of your parents but always go your own way if that's what you really want.

  8. always tell the truth

    jennifer marie

    lilnursejen at yahoo dot com

  9. Marriage is a life-long commitment that takes plenty of patience :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  10. Communicate and listen more than you speak.

  11. respect each other and be patient

  12. make sure to make time for each other

  13. Treat each other well, contempt will kill a marriage faster then anything. Don't give up when things are difficult you won't regret making it work.

  14. Learn to be more open, you are now truly sharing your life with someone, you have to communicate with each other! :)

  15. Be yourself...don't try to be what the in-laws think you should be.

  16. my tip is to always make changes together for a lasting relationship. as time goes on changes need to happen. if something isnt' working one way, do it another

    christinejessamine at hotmail dot com

  17. Communication is most definitley the key!! Be open and honest. But be curtious about it.

  18. Never air your dirty laundry to the parents, and don't sweat the small things in life.

  19. My advice would be spend plenty of time being just married before you try to be married with children.

  20. My advice would be to enjoy your spouse while they are here and to never let anyone get in the way of your happines.. As I am going through yet another deployment with my husband it means alot to think about the little things and wishing they were here <3

  21. Gigi Whitaker9/05/2012 12:05 AM

    Always be honest & never afraid to admit you are wrong...Soak up all those little moments they mean more than people realize...Kiss & say you love ech other each & everyday

  22. wait for kids enjoy just being married to each

  23. Always be honest and always back each other up and stand united in any situation. Also, always support each other and be each other's biggest fan.

  24. Always be respectful and be yourself.

  25. Hannah Rowan9/06/2012 11:25 AM

    Always be honest with each other, even if its gonna hurt. It will hurt worse in the end if you lie.

  26. Keep SEPARATE Bank accounts!

    Terri P
    pr4gatheringroses AT gmail DOT com

  27. Patience and respect are key. Remember, it takes at least 2 people to argue. If you refuse to participate, your spouse has to argue alone!

    mybeachylife at gmail dot com

  28. My advice would be to keep the lines of communication open.


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