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Tips on battling boredom from a Veteran Mom

School is officially out for the Summer in our city and I think often to times when my kids would say, "I'm bored!" I have been mommin' it up for almost 18 years so I feel like I have a lot of experience dealing with these situations. I took it upon myself to make up a list of some very good tips on how parents can help their kids fight boredom this Summer. I can almost guarantee these will work!

When your kids tell you they are bored you can respond with:

  • How about going outside and pulling some weeds from the garden and alongside the house? Why not increase the fun by mowing the lawn? Um, you mean like out in the sun? Where you sweat? 
  • How about we go buy 10 Sunday newspapers and clip all the coupons so we can go out on and extreme couponing shopping adventure! They will quickly run away because they don't want to be humiliated pushing 6 carts through the store. 
  • Would you like me to have your dad sit you down for one of his lectures? If your husband is like mine, he can talk 'em to tears!
  • Go clean the baseboards, ceiling fans and kitchen cabinets. I think my kids would be rolling their eyes in their mind :)
  • How about going to the dentist? You can get a cleaning and see what else they find that can be taken care of! If you told me this I would RUN! 
  • Go bathe the dog and then blow dry him. Wet dog smell on a teenage girl? Not happening!
  • Go read a book. They get all huffy because they felt like that's all they did when school was in session.
  • Wanna help paint some rooms in the house? This starts off as fun and after a few swipes they usually start to whine. 
I have tested these out and they all worked the very first time. You can thank me later! ;-)

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Actually my kids would love the painting and they devour books!

  2. Hahaha!!!I cant wait til the boys are old enough for me to use some of these on them. Right now we have to all but do back-flips and tap dance to keep them entertained on the weekends.


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