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The Poor Man's Keurig

For 3 years now I have bugged  nicely asked my husband for a Keurig coffee brewer. Being the frugal man he is, he reminds me of my old school Black & Decker Cup-at-a-Time coffee maker. He's like why spend $80-$100 when you already have the original version? You know what? He is so right. I bought this gadget about 12 years ago for about $15 at Walmart. I have even purchased additional ones as gifts.
Strangely enough it has hung in there after numerous uses, and even traveling on road trips, being used in the office at work and of course at home. It still makes a steaming hot cup of strong coffee. I can use any ground coffee I want and don't have to purchase the little pods and I can brew to my desired strength. I don't think one little K-cup would work for a gal like me. I am used to drinking coffee as strong as motor oil!  I guess it really makes sense after all to stick with my old school machine. I haven't seen these brewers around in some time but if I do, I might need to purchase it as back-up! 
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Need one! Like you, a K-cup would just be a tease for me, anyway. Thx for this post. V.
    - blackstarr_

  2. Sometimes an older product gives us just what we need. I would suggest you contact the Black & Decker company and let them know how well their product has worked all these years :)

  3. I'm with you Shelly, I think alot of products tend to be hyped up anyway when all along we been making coffee with the good ole fashioned coffee makers:)

  4. I love me some older products, especially furniture. Everything is rush rush, slop slop these days.


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