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We have less than 2 weeks of the school year left. Time has flown by. The girls have been immersed in studying, exams, SAT's and volleyball conditioning. Of course I am in overdrive as a mom making sure they have all the necessities to make their days go smoothly. I have been spending a lot less time online and a lot more time on the floor playing dinosaurs, camping, blocks and flashcards. I am really working hard at giving little Will the same head start that the girls were given. You really do get to see the big differences between boys and girls! It does seem a little more challenging getting the boy to sit down long enough to learn something new. I think he does better absorbing information as long as he is moving. This sometimes means practicing numbers while doing jumping jacks! Needless to say, I am in great physical shape!
I still go through those days feeling mommy guilt wondering if I am doing enough for the boy. At the end of the day, he displays a lot of what he has learned through his actions. He is listening and paying attention. You better believe if anyone does something they shouldn't be, William will be the first one to let you know that you are not making a good choice. Those are the times that I think he is listening a little too well :)

I already have the Summer calendar prepared and it looks like the kids will be very occupied. I have some family trips I am planning as well. This Summer, we will take day trips or very short trips to close-by cities. No big vacations for us. I just hope that gas prices will continue to decline. I am also getting back into couponing so that we can maximize our cash.

Have you started getting your Summer family calendar set up? Do you have any fun plans?
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  1. I'm was just thinking about what all I wanted to put our summer calendar. I certainly want to get Moo started with a schedule similar to the one she'll have at school this fall. And of course, we'll be hitting up some museums and the parks.

  2. You are doing a fabulous job with William...never doubt it.

  3. I agree boys do learn on the move. LOL. It's nice that you've already planned your summer travel.

  4. End of the school year, end of high school. I have to admit that my daughter worked my nerves and pockets this weekend, buying graduation dresses and taking them back and running back and forth to different shoe stores needing exact dress/shoes match.

    Is this what high school seniors do, nowadays? Lol.

    Planning to visit Florida and Texas and New Orleans this summer. Starting with the Essence Festival during Fourth of July weekend.


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