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Is my what nasty?

The other day my son was doing something that really annoys me to no end that I think every member of the male species does... touching his 'man parts'. I told him I thought it was nasty what he was doing and he responds "Is your penis nasty too?". I told him that girls don't have a penis and that our private parts were different. I realized that we have not had the conversation yet about the differences between boys and girls. Being the active, typical boy William is he just sort of moved on to the next thing. My husband heard our brief conversation and starts to laugh at me. He says that maybe it was better I explain that to him since I might handle it better. MEN!
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. oh boy- do i dread having this conversation when they start paying attention to each other during bath times.

  2. Ha ha. My son is constantly touching his penis. I just ask him to leave pee pee alone or give him something else to do with his hands. But I understand he will never stop. It's a male thing.

    Sorry to tell you but I think your hubby is right. Men understand the "need" to penis touch at that age. It's not nasty to them but something fun to play with :)

  3. Jayden does the same thing, but hasn't questioned the difference in parts yet. He just pointed to Greg's chest and said, "Boobs like milk", lol!

  4. LOL!!! I am gonna try and push that conversation on DH. But knowing me, and I tend to be the more direct, blunt one, it'll probably be me. smh. Not looking forward to that! LOL


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