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I just had to have it

I am not a big television watcher but on occasion I will see something that captures my attention. I confess that some of the "As seen on TV" items suck me in. About 5 or 6 years ago I saw the Pedi Paws pet nail trimmer infomercial and I knew I absolutely had to have it. After all, clipping your doggy's nails is a sometimes difficult task. This product looked like a great solution. Dwayne was against me buying it but knew that there was little he could say to stop me. I did it. I bought it. $19.95.

I tried it and it sounded like a freakin' dental drill!!! Poor Milo was scared to death of the thing and it made the task even harder. Needless to say the doggone (no pun intended) thing has been sitting in the box for years. Lesson learned. I still hear "I told you so" for that one.

Have you ever purchased anything dumb from an infomercial?
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. I have never purchased anything but they do have a store in the mall that is called as seen on tv. I have been in the store and I would love to try some things but I am scared of wasting money.

  2. lmaoo!!! awww! i've seen that commercial, and the idea does seem good in theory. gosh, they really ought to find a way to make it operate more quietly. any dog would be terrified of that!

    i've been wanting to try that pineapple slicer (as though i ever eat pineapples. smh) but always too lazy to go to the phone/computer to order it wheni see the commercial.


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