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Look what was lurking in our backyard...

It rained last night...heavily. It was the first time in 2 weeks. I was so happy for it. I just didn't expect this...

You should have seen how many birds were lined up on the fence and flying down close to the snake. I guess they thought they were going to catch a big worm? I get chills every time I look at this photo.

This cements my dislike of the Summer months. Thank goodness for husbands. I don't know what I would have done without Dwayne! He sent me back in the bedroom and he made it go away. I know I talk a lot of smack about him but today... he is royalty!

Has anyone had any encounters with snakes this Summer?
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. We always have snakes. Next to our house used to be a big hay field, now its a parking lot. Since the arrival of a parking lot the snakes live in my yard instead of come to visit once in a while. The dogs really like to chase em' then I freak out when one of them actually gets a snake and bites down... ewe!!

  2. OMG! I am so glad I live in the city!

  3. Shelly my son would have loved this! Every day he is in the back yard looking for more snakes! He said it looks like a Mahogany Rattler(sp). He needs a better look, lol

  4. *shivers* I'm getting chills just looking at that picture too! I hope that is the first and last one you all find!

  5. Aw S!@&! now I'm nervous. Thankfully we haven't encountered any. Whenever I talk to people about them they say aw their just garden snakes. No thank you! Thank God for husbands is right!

  6. I don't what I'd have done if I saw that big one in my yard...maybe run to get my gun. Seriously.

    I found a pencil one in our front door the other day. YUCK . It really freaked me out.

    We live beside a cane field, so they come and come and come and I have this fear that they are making home under my house.

    When dh mowes he finds them. yuck. So glad no one was out there playing!


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