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Good manners make moms happy!

Some days William goes into overdrive when it comes to not listening to me, making a mess or being wild. Of course I take into consideration that his is only 3 and is also 122% boy. I let the little things slide with him... maybe it's that sweet smile or that special way that he says "pleeeeeease". One thing I will say that I get all day long from him are the words "thank you". He thanks me for everything... food, bathing him, taking him to the store, giving him his toy, brushing his teeth, getting him dressed... It doesn't matter how small it is, he thanks me. He even takes it the extra mile and requests a hug and kiss. This makes me feel so good to see that he is grateful for everything. It never gets old hearing him thank me and those sweet hugs and kisses are a bonus :)
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. How sweet is he! He's going to be a fine young man. You're doing a great job raising a polite boy. Good for you!

  2. All your stories about William remind me soooooo much of Gabe at that age.

  3. I love it so much when they use their manners, saying Please and Thank You and You're Welcome (although sometimes Chase mixes them up). It is the most heart-warming thing, isnt it? And now that Chase has learned to say "I Love You" I am a happy camper. That melts my heart to hear that.


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