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Snack is Fwack

Lately William has shown us what a big boy he is through his language. He never fails to amaze us with the words that come out of his mouth. He can speak in full sentences and manage to throw in some big words here and there. He does have one little problem though. He has trouble pronouncing his "L" and "S" sounds. For instance:
  • snack = fwack
  • snake = fwake
  • sleep = fweep
  • smell = fwell
  • slippers = fwippers
  • smart....I'll let you figure that one out!
It seems to be more of a trend with the sl, sn and sm words. He can say words like sky, sister, sun... I have been working with him to correct it and he gets it sometimes. It is really neat that he can say certain words flawlessly and others more in "baby talk". We are still very proud with how much he has learned and think back to the days that we thought he would never speak. I am hoping in the near future I will have the same memory about potty training!

Did your child have any issues with his/her speech? What did you do about it?
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Lil J had/has the same issue with the same letter, L. Wow, to hear the same thing is refreshing. I was concerned in the beginning because none of my other kids experienced that but as time has gone on its become a celebrated event by everyone when he does pronounce an L. Slowly but surely I say :-)

  2. Gabe is just now conquering his difficulty with THs at the beginnings of words. For example, until recently, thing would come out sounding more like sing. We've just consistently worked with him and he finally is beating it.

  3. I'm so happy for you all with William's language explosion. It just seems to happen all at once, doesn't it? One minute they're babies saying just a few words, next thing you know they're asking why, chattering a mile a minute, and barking orders at us in their cute little broken English.


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