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Throwback: Don't Mess With The Man's Records!

Over the weekend, Dwayne and I cleaned out and organized one of our storage rooms. We came across a lot of things that were keepers and just as many items that were either going to be donated or thrown out. Now if you have been reading Momfiles for a while then you would know that we are really old school. Actually my husband sort of takes old school back way more than I do. We came across billions of cassette tapes...EPMD, Slick Rick, Luke, Vanilla Ice, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Salt 'n Pepa and the list goes on for days. He has a suitcase full along with a few shoes boxes full. He refuses to ever part with them. He tells me if I ever try to get rid of his collection that it will be grounds for divorce! Of course he says this in his Bernie Mac voice.

We had at least a couple dozen mix-tapes. I remember making them off the radio and the DJ always messed up the last part of the song. If you have no idea of what I am talking about then you are a youngen.

After we browsed through some of the tapes we moved on to the records. He has a big box full that he has actually put in his will. I think they will go to William.

I laughed so hard when I saw the Beat Street album. On the left hand side it says "Dwayne AKA Little Wizard" bahahaha! That was his Junior High School dance name.

We sure reminisced over some good times. He has the first album Prince put out and so many other classic artists. Now I need to buy Dwayne a record player.

Do you still have your old cassette tapes or record albums? If you are laughing at us right now, shut it up!
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  1. Wow, that really takes me back! I don't have any records anymore, but I sure still have some mixed tapes. You made me laugh about the radio thing, because not being a youngin' I totally remember that.

    I saw turntables at Costco recently and they were very reasonable. There are tons of articles on how to connect them to your computer and convert them to digital. I am sure you want to get Beat Street on your iPod!

  2. I've had a few cassettes but don't know where they are now. I do still have all my CDs ;-) #youngin

    Keith Sweat! Gotta turn on Pandora now, lol!

  3. OMG Shelly! I'm not a youngen! We only have a few cassettes and will possibly be thrown away soon. When my husband and I first married he had a lot of his cassettes & his raps on tape. He left them in storage and something spilled on them. I threw them away and he won't let me live it down. My arguement is he should have taken better care if he really wanted it. I remember taping from the radio and the stpid dj would speak during the end of the song! LOL this takes me way back!

  4. Omg, whew, this post took me back! He has some real treasures in his collection. Goodness, I'd keep them too, for nostalgia sake alone!

    I remember recording my little music off the radio (lol), and yes, SO annoying when the DJ would come in too soon and mess it up. Then you'd have to keep rewinding to get it perfect, right before his voice begins... in preparation for the next song. LOL. Good times! Its a little sad our kids will never experience that.

  5. Whew woman!!! You took it waaaaaaaaaay back for us!! Yep, hubs has cassettes, albums and he inherited a few of his older brothers reel to reels. What ya'll know about reel to reels???

  6. I don't blame your husband, at all. Memories and collectible items and everything. I once had a valuable collection which I gave to my younger cousin about 3 years ago, and can you believe he now has few of those items?



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