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Delete Delete DELETE!

I have been in a serious cleaning mood lately. This includes my online life. Both Dwayne and I came to the realization of just how much time social networking takes up in our lives. So many important things would get pushed aside so we could be more 'social'. Well enough is enough. We both deleted our Facebook and Twitter apps from our phones. Dwayne got rid of his Facebook account and I was about to get rid of mine. The only reason I did not was due to some groups I am a part of that are pretty important to me. I am getting ready to close off my wall and disable comments. I thought I was going to miss it and although it has just been less than a week, our lives have improved so much. I have lost interest in so much of the crap that people put out there for the world to see as well as all the complaining and whining. We really think Facebook is a bad thing when it is not used in the right way. Dwayne and I are planning get-togethers with REAL people more often. Now that is what I call being social! I will continue to post on my Momfiles page. I am enjoying living in real life :)
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Man o man, have you hit it with this one. I have been slowly weaning myself off Facebook myself (never cared for Twitter but I still blog occasionally) by not checking it but once a day on the weekends and during the day, I am trying to stay off it on my phone and computer because I do find it sucks the life out of your day. I'd rather be face to face socializing for sure. I think FB has it's good points. It helps me keep in touch with friends who are far away and now that my sister is moving to England, it's a GREAT way to share our day to day and pictures.

    I think that's definitely the way to go.

  2. wow..this is definitely a challenge for me but you make a great point... going to make small steps towards setting my own limits for facebook....Thanks, I really needed this...

  3. Wow, it's amazing how much social networking has made us less social. I agree with everything that you've said.....I never though about disabling comments on my Facebook wall though. I may have to give it a whirl.

  4. Shelly you are so right. I really believe FB is the devil. I am like you in thinking...there are good things with FB but, it does seem the negative is more. I have people that stalk me. It has went so far as people telling Don's Uncle which is his employer information from here. I do absolutely love friends like you!!!!!That I catch up with. I do need to get Emily to show me how to hook up with you at Momfiles...Im trying!! Don't lose me :)

  5. You are right, there is a whole life out there to live and enjoy, and too often we get so caught up in all the social media stuff, which takes us away from that.

    Disabling my fb wall was the best thing I could have done. I still have access to comment on other folks' page, but there isn't the commitment of maintaining my own and having to respond and so forth. Between my blogs, my FB fan page, and my occasional use of Twitter, that is plenty for me online!

  6. Good for you. I'm glad it is making you so happy.

  7. I dont know what i'd do if you disappeared from facebook. Where would I see all my food photos?! But seriously, I've also started to cut back with how much time I spend on social media sites


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