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My Internet is rude

I wanted to let you all know that I have been experiencing some issues with my internet. We are thinking it is our wireless router or maybe one of the cords. Dwayne will try to troubleshoot it tonight. I have had intermittent service so I try to do all I can whether I get on for 5 minutes or an hour. Seems like every time I have attempted to comment on blogs I get the boot. I try to be a consistent commenter so it bothers me to not be able to do so, especially to my regular spots. Just know that I have been reading blogs from my phone. I have at least 7 posts to get up so I better get cracking while I have this little window.

One last thing~ You see the computer William is playing with? It is the most annoying thing! It plays music and makes all kinds of noise. The batteries must be really good in them because he plays on the darn thing ALL day long. Does anyone need a computer?! Of course there goes a Carmex stick within reach. That's my boy :)

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Bummer about your internet connection.

    And, let me guess, William's "computer" doesn't have a volume switch?

  2. So frustrating when the internet is on the fritz! Grrr! Hope its back up and running SMOOTHLY soon!

    lol @ William with his own laptop! I know he will be blogging by the time he is 12, or perhaps even before. ;-)

  3. So I take it William's computer is something I shouldn't get my friend's kids if I want to remain friends with them?


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