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Money Mama & The Three Little Pigs

If you have been reading Momfiles for some time now, you will know how important it is for our family to understand money. Our girls are doing an outstanding job in the money management department and are very smart shoppers. I received this wonderful book called Money Mama & The Three Little Pigs by Lori Mackey. It came with an audio CD that you can listen along to with the book. It's so cute because the narration is in children's voices. William is a little too young to follow along with the CD so I opted to read it to him instead. He was immediately drawn in from the great illustration. Although he does not have an understanding about the teachings of the book, he will get it over time. Money Mama & The Three Little Pigs explains all of the aspects of money management in a child-friendly way. I was thoroughly impressed with this book and I think it would make an excellent addition to any child's book collection. It would make an excellent gift for birthdays, holidays or as a "just because" gift.

In order for a child to learn about money, they must be taught early on. They will have a greater likelihood of making better decisions about finances when they are adults. You can purchase Money Mama & The Three Little Pigs here. Be sure to check out Prosperity4Kids, Inc. on Facebook and Twitter.

I received a copy of the book to review. All opinions are 100 % mine as always.

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. I think that I'll be adding this book to our ever-growing collection. I totally agree with you -- in order for kids to learn about money, we have to teach them from early on. There was no one to teach me and so I had to learn by mistakes that I made during my college years. No bueno. LOL.

  2. Def gonna have to add this book to our ever growing collection. Granted neither is old enough to grasp it at this point, but if you plant the seed early enough it will bloom when it is ready.....thanks for sharing and finding this book.

  3. Wow, this one definitely sounds like something i need to add to the boys collection STAT. Sure wish i'd had this kind of guidance from early on.


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