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WTH Wednesday | Walmart edition

Most of you who read Momfiles regularly, are friends with me on Facebook or Twitter or if you know me personally then you know I am a regular Walmart shopper. I go in there about 2-3 times a week. Time after time I am faced with the ugly side of Walmart but I have learned to deal with it. Now today I greeted the cashier in my usual friendly way by saying "Hello, how are you?" She mumbled something and kept sucking her teeth and rolling her eyes. I obviously did not get the picture that she did not want to be bothered so I proceed to ask her how her day was going so far. Her response was "it's a day". What the hell kind of response was that? Meanwhile she goes back to her eye rolling, disgusted "I hate my job" attitude. I had some items that I had a FREE coupon for, meaning the items would not cost me anything. I even left those 3 items last and put the correct coupon on top of each item to make it easier for her (nice huh?) I also did it because Walmart cashiers treat me as if I am robbing the store when I present a coupon for something free. She then goes on to ring up the last items and scans the coupons. The items cost $2.89, $2.50 & $2.98. The coupon amounts she took off were $2, $2 & $1. Hmm, that doesn't make sense if they were for a FREE product right? I asked her about it and she rolls her eyes and tells me that they round coupons down to cover the tax. I was confused. I do know that Walmart has updated their coupon policy and I can understand most of the rules but not honoring a legit free coupon? What the hell! That is ridiculous and the fact that I have to deal with Ms. Attitude doesn't make it any better. She tells me that she does not agree with the policy and that Walmart must have gotten tired of giving things away for free. I just wanted to smack her. Walmart WILL get their money back when customers use coupons. What a freakin' crock! Needless to say I will NOT be buying anything that requires a coupon at Walmart and as a matter of fact I will be taking a break from giving them my money. In the famous words of Dwayne-- "Now that's some BULLS@#T!"
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. pascha Dudley4/13/2011 7:38 AM

    Foolery. That's 2 for 2...a dumb coupon policy and a dumb cashier. Horrible.

  2. What? I would have told her to get a supervisor or something. That doesn't make sense. And I hate shopping at lots of stores due to the fact that a lot of cashiers are just grouchy and treat you like you're a nuisance rather than a customer. I hate that.

  3. Oh no! You should've asked for a manager right there. I would've waited. What the hell is wrong with that chick? That is NOT their coupon policy. Your Dh is right - that is some BS!

    Oh that makes my blood boil b/c I'm like you, I say hi, how are you and if they give me attitude I always say something like, Wow you're having a shitty day, huh? lol

  4. Our local Walmart workers are the worst with their attitudes, except the greeters they are pretty delightful. I avoid Walmart at all expense :) Wasn't it their policy at one point to smile if a customer is within 15 feet of you? WTH happened with that one?

  5. No ma'am!! That is NOT there coupon policy. I keep a copy in my coupon binder. It was most recently updated on 3/16/11. I would encourage anyone who is serious about their coupons to print a copy to keep with them. Sometimes the dang managers don't even know the rules. Google it and you can print a pdf.

  6. I gave up on Walmart a while ago. The one in my area is like ghetto mentality slacker depot...

  7. Goodness, the experience (of her not accepting the coupon) wouldn't have been nearly as bad if her attitude wasn't so nasty. Mercy! There are so many people who would kill (literally) for that job. She needs to get it together!

    A shame about the coupon though - free is free! Where's the confusion in that?!


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