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Mar 10, 2011

Brie's braces

Let me tell you something~ Teenage girls are the WORST beings on earth to photograph. No photo is pleasing to them. Then again I feel the same way about myself. Okay, well here is the updated photo of Brie with her braces. She continues to do well and I am so mesmerized by how quickly her teeth are shifting! I'm not sure if this is all in my mind but it seems as if her confidence has boosted a bit since getting the braces. I am also in such disbelief at how mature my baby girl is getting. She goes to high school next year :( I guess at least she will have straight teeth before junior year. She's so excited!

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Good for her! You had them put on at the right time. I don't know why I thought both of your girls were in high school.

  2. This is the prettiest pic, and she looks just like you here! I love that she is experimenting with different colors - so fun!!!

  3. Someone made a fake profile on Facebook using your daughter's photo above, just thought you should know.


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