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Boys like to spit huh?

I have discovered over the past week that William enjoys spitting for no reason. He will make spitty sounds and start laughing. I am feeling like he is going back to the baby days. I try to get him to stop and he still does it. I can't figure out what caused him to start this. I had a couple men doing some home improvement work on my house and I asked them if their sons did it. They immediately said "oh yeah" Then they go on to tell me that it doesn't stop. Eww!! I was so disgusted! The girls never did anything like this so I guess it is a male species thing. Gosh, boys are some gruesome little creatures :p
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Ha! Now you're noticing? Boys are little gross things but they're so cute. What does that make my 6 year old daughter then? Hmmmmm lol

  2. My cousin Kate was a spitter when she was little and we have no idea where she learned it. My sister likes to tell the story of how the first time she introduced her boyfriend (of going on 6 years) to Kate, she spit at him and told him to go away. She's since grown out of the spitting and is a little lady now, but oh the spitting!

  3. Jay does the same thing. The more I scream at him, the more he does it!!! BOYS!

  4. Anonymous is me. I must have logged in wrong again!

  5. Yes, Chase has been spitting lately too. I think he picked it up from his friends at school. I hate it (lol), but he thinks its hilarious - so I think it may be here to stay (for the time being, anyway).

  6. Little boys do the weirdness things. My son did start spitting but I ignored it aka not feeding attention and he stopped. I'm sure he'll find something new to gross me out with soon :)


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