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WTH? Wednesday

Seems like this cold weather blast has brought in a whole lot of WTH moments.
  • I am going to start with teachers...Educators...Why in the world are some of them Tweeting and Facebooking during school hours? I know that the schools and probably just about every workplace has a very strict policy about the use of social networking sites. Then again most of them seem to be doing it on their BlackBerry. Funny how they like to talk about how bad the kids are and how they don't listen. Hmm....
  • While on the subject about FBing and Tweeting from work...If you are going to do it, DO NOT complain about your boss or your co-workers. Not smart at all especially if someone rats you out.
  • Why oh why must my son hand me "things" and say "thank you" in such a sweet voice. I won't even go into the "things" he gives me....YUCK!
  • We put our old big screen TV on the side of the road with a sign on it that said "take me, does not work". Why the hell did people come up to our door to ask if the TV works? WTH! Seriously, would we put something like that on the side of the road if it was working? We would have been Craigslisting that bad boy!
  • Why do people get in a long ass line at Walmart with a bunch of things that they do not know the price? Then they get up to the register and complain that the item costs too much. WTH! Do you not read the shelf label when you pick stuff up?
So now it's your turn to share your WTH moments in the comments...
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  1. Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog.

    Have a nice day!

  2. I am shocked at teachers FB'ing and Tweeting from school! WTH indeed! And yes, it is not smart to complain about work on a public forum like that. Not smart at all!

    WTH is it so much colder here in MD than it was before we left NY. Brrrr!!!!

    WTH did the airport lose my suitcase?!!! I mean, granted, they found it and dropped it off at my house this morning but.... it shouldn't have happened to begin with.

    WTH am I waiting to start potty training? *sigh* Not looking forward to this at all. I think I'll wait til he officially turns 2, then I'll begin.


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