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Early Christmas present

We had an unfortunate thing happen last week when I went to turn on our big screen TV the other day. It died. We have 3 other TVs in the house but for some reason everyone congregated in MY room. I was getting tired of the mess my room became so Dwayne and I decided it was time. We researched dozens of TVs and finally decided on "the one". We got a 40" Samsung flat panel that had all we wanted as well as the price was just right.

The next part was the big argument over TV stands for flat mount or not to mount... Dwayne had his mind made up with what he wanted and I made the squinchy face. I thought it looked cheap and tacky. After debating the subject I let him have his way (again, I can be a nice wife sometimes). We went with one that has a combination of dark wood and dark glass with a mount. We opted not to mount on the wall. It turned out to be exactly what we all wanted and Dwayne made a great choice on the stand. The family can now watch television in the family room and not my room. Dwayne declared that this was Christmas and beyond for all of us. Of course he told us in his Dwayne-like way~ "Y'all betta not ask for a dang thing, ya hear?!" He's still griping over the small fortune he handed over to buy our new, beautiful TV but I am sure he will get over it when he catches a new episode of River Monsters or Avatar (the cartoon). Ah, the power of man and HDTV ;)

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. I am hoping we can get an HDTV sometime next year. Until then, I'll live vicariously.

  2. Correct quote-"Y'all betta not ask for a dang thing, ya hear, Nothing but bread and water!" lol! I can't belive you gave me credit for a good choice. I better take this in because it does not happen too often. LOL

  3. Hahahaha @ Dwayne making a cameo here to correct his quote.

    Its so fun getting a new TV!!! Everything just looks so much better and more exciting and fresh (if that makes any sense at all, lol).


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