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I just can't seem to get any really good photos of William these days. He is more interested in looking at the pictures on the camera more than getting his actual photo taken. Look at the funky wave in the front of his head. It does not matter how much you brush it, it always goes in whatever direction it wants. I think I am going to let his curls grow in just a little bit and see what it looks like. If he looks too girly then we will have Dwayne shave it off. I tell you what though, having a boy is a dream. I went through way too much doing hair for so many years with the girls. I am so glad that they finally pretty much have a handle on it although they still ask me to help them sometimes.
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. HE's on a mission and has a list of things to get done before NOON! :-) LEt's just call them action shots!!!

  2. He is adorable, cowlick and all!

  3. Isn't it adorable! Such a large curl. Hope he doesn't try to cut it later Shelly.

  4. William looks so handsome in this picture!!!! Love his little cowlicks! Hehe!


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