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WTH? Wednesday

I don't I have days anymore that something does not jump out at me and make me say WTH?!

~ So I watched last night's episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta to see what all the hype it about and all I kept saying well let's pretend I was saying WTH?! I know a lot of you love that show but I just keep shaking my head. I will leave that one alone.
~ WTH is up with everyone putting their calls on speakerphone?
~ WTH is up with teenagers always taking pictures of themselves with their tongue sticking out to the side?
~ I ordered some 5x7 greeting cards the other day for the husband's business. How about the company sent me 4x6 envelopes. GRRRR!!!
~ I'm such a grumpy, mean mom this Halloween. I really don't care. There will be no candy. No rubber hand in the punch. No eyeball cupcakes. No tricks. No treats. The end.
~ I just sent off some blog related things in the mail yesterday and how about I receive my business cards TODAY. Nice huh?

OK, it's your turn. Share your WTH moments with us in the comments.

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Loving yours.. The one, that really grabs me, is when I see folks on their cell phones, and they are talking into the earpiece.. What is up with that.
    Have a Great Day!
    Love Brown/Brown Love

  2. lol How ironic that your cards show up after you mail things out. Figures huh?

    WTH...well, I have my mom visiting with us at the moment (unexpected visit)...and let's just say I'm ready for her to get on the plane back home. I love her, but I'm pregnant, tired, and having to clean up & cook for an extra person right now and deal with their "issues" isn't on my favorite list right now. I'm a bad daughter, I know.

  3. Yes, the RHOA is such a hot mess! Yet, like the train wreck it is, no matter how awful and disturbing you just cant tear your eyes away. lol. I admit i'm a fan.

    WTH is up with DH putting hot sauce and salt on (nearly) everything i cook??? He rarely even tastes it first. smh. I told him I'm going to start taking it personally, even though he claims he just loves the taste of both.

  4. I can't do RHOA! They are just ri-damn-diculous.
    WTH is up with people who don't know how to recite SSN/Credit Card/Phone #'s in the proper rhythm? Seriously?? SSN's are 3-2-4. I just had a chick on the phone go 2-3-3-1. Who does that???

  5. I've watched on or two episodes of The Real Wives and never could get into it. Not a huge fan of it, either.

    My WTH moment was yesterday when I asked one of the people in my group to summarize the power point presentation I did by myself, her summary was 9 pages long. That's not a summary! That's an introduction to a thesis! WTH?!


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