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He is so annoyed with me :)

Remember back when I posted this? If you have been reading Momfiles long enough then you know how proud Dwayne is of being a manly man. He was so annoyed today when I took out this raspberry shirt for him to wear to work. You should have heard all of his snarky comments haha! He was even more irritated with the name of the color. He was like " Now that's some bull%@(^!"

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Awwww Dwayne, you were Raspberry well! joing aside, it is a nice color! Kudos Shelly!!!

  2. that should say...Wear Raspberry well.... ;)

  3. Dwayne looks GREAT in that raspberry shirt. I love pink on a man - in general, love it when a man is "confident" enough to rock a gorgeous, non-traditional color.

    (Haha!!! Dwayne & Derek remind me so much of each other.)

  4. Men who are ok wearing bold colors usually look great! Tell D that he looks nice!

  5. But Dwayne looks so good in raspberry!

  6. LOL, I like the shirt. Team Shelly!


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